Did anyone notice how lame Fergie's performance was at the billboard awards?

I'm not really into today's music because a lot of it seems to have lost any meaning, but I was watching the billboard awards to see what kind of "talents" we have nowadays. I saw Fergie perform "Fergilicious" and I noticed how incredibly untalented she is. Her video was kind of hot with her popping out of the cake, but obviously high on herself. Her performance proved that it's not her voice in the music video and that everything was digitally enhanced to sound good. Anyway, her head was low hiding behind her hair. She wasn't even dancing properly, she was so sloppy and unsexy. She wasn't singing on time and wouldn't complete her words, everything was sloppy. It looked like she wasn't even trying and was unhappy to be there. All the back up dancers were fine and same with the guy who is in the song. She just didn't belong on that stage. She doesn't deserve to be an entertainer if she doesn't give it her all. Did anyone else notice how exceptionally bad her performance was?Hangover,mb?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes, I thought I was imagining that!!! She did perform really badly!!!!!

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  • did she pee in her pants again?

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