How do I erase everything and start new, like right out of the box, on my computer?

When I do a system restore or recovery, it still keeps all of my files and programs, and even worse, makes my program's files messed up and corrupted, so I got to uninstall what i have then reinstall it for it to work.

Anyway, I have a compaq presario (SR1303WM)

thanks so much if you can help!

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    Reload the operating system, go on line to the manufacturers site and find out the keys to press during start up.

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    Let me start by saying that I do not recommend doing this unless you are quite familiar with computers. Before you start, back up any of your files that you want/need to work with at a later date. First, make sure you have the installation disks for the operating system and any software installed on the machine. Since yours is a Compaq, they probably didn't send you the original disks but you have a set of recovery disks. Write Compaq and ask for the original installation disks. Once you have the necessary disks, you can either go to a command prompt and format the hard drive (which will destroy ALL the data) or or insert the disks for the operating system and tell it to do a new installation (which will allow you to select the option to delete all the data on the drive). Once the operating system has been re-installed, then you need to re-install the device drivers for your sound card, video card, printer, LAN card or modem, your scanner, and any other peripherals you may have. After you have finished that, you can load your software and then move your saved files from the backup media you created to the newly created operating system. It will take you over an hour to do all this, so I would recommend blocking out the whole afternoon just in case something went wrong. If you are uncomfortable doing this, take it to a computer repair shop and have them re-install the operating system for you. Good luck!

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    if you have a restoration cd then you can restore it by using the cd. this will reinstate your computer to all factroy default settings and orgrams as it was the day you bought it. this will result in you loosing all saved items and programs, may want to creat a back up if you have any important items, this is the easiest most productive way for the less expereicned computer user, there is other options of wiping the harddrive and completley starting over,note doing the destructive restore from the factory restoration cd (cd's) /dvd . will not mess up and corupt files doign this will put the system as it was the day you plugged it in... good luck..

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    I had everything erased from my computer a few months ago and its back to the way it was "out of the box". Take it to a Best Buy or even Staples..tell them that you want to delete everything. They will do just that. EVERYTHING will be gone so make sure you're ok with that. Take whatever programs you want installed and they'll also do that for you. They actually had it done the same day I dropped it off too!

    Happy New Years!!

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    The best way is to find a XP reinstallation disk(readily floating around on the interent, you may even have had one shipped with your PC/laptop). You can reinstall your operating system from scratch(your CD key should be somewhere on ur PC/laptop).

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    u have to install a new os to erase everything or try making a new user

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    reformat your computer.

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