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If I live in the US and are going to Poland on vacation could i access internet on my laptop?

Which internet company works for that? I always see people on the plane going online and stuff.


Well actually my family, like my aunts and cousins live there so i would be staying at their house. Well I do have a Polish internet company... Poltel. Well it's like Polish people , not like from poland, but still. i have to ask them.

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    Those people have internt through a wireless service that's international like verizon

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    Yes, it will work around the world. You may need an access code at a local access point, such as an internet cafe (for example a Starbucks will let you get access for an hourly fee.) Many hotels will have an internet connection, either wired or wireless. Your first point of access will probably be through a local Polish internet service provider, buy once you are online, you can visit any site as long as it's not blocked. So just type in and you'll be on a familiar site.

    Check with your hotel in advance to see what access capabilities they have. They probably have a website you can check out.

    One last thing - make sure your power supply can work with world wide voltages, including 220 volts and 50 Hz. Nearly all notebook power supplies are auto-ranging, so I doubt you'll have a problem, but check the user manual to be sure. And be sure to buy an appropriate voltage adapter plug so you can convert your US two-blade plug to the correct plug for Poland. (I don't know the type offhand, but you should be able to research and find what you need.)

    Have a fun time in Poland.

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    If you have a wireless adapter, most airlines offer wifi after takeoff. As for Poland, I would recommend an internet cafe. I travel a lot and use them. Relatively cheap with or without your laptop. Short answer: Yes if you have an adapter.

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