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What should i do tonight?

I'm boyfriend lives very far away so we can't be together for new years...all my close friends are stuck doin other stuff tonight but a friend of mine wants me to come with her and her friends to an underage club...its pretty far away n im kinda scared ill get lost...n its not really my scene..n im pretty sure theyre just going to pick up guys...but i dont have anything else to do tonight...any opinions?

should i stay home or should i go out?



p.s. i dont drink and my boyfriend is goin out tonight n sayin he thinks i should be havin fun..

Update 2:

ive going out...leaving now ..thanks for the advice!!

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    I too had options of going out or staying at home. I chose the latter as I am comfortable here at home and I am not in the mood to party tonight. I am sure you would love to spend new years with your boyfriend, but I think we put too much emphasis on this holiday.

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    Come on over, Honey, and watch movies with my ol' man and me! We're old, boring, and safe!

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    stay home cuz i would not want to get in trouble but juss ahng with ur parents

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    go out with them. u need them. besides, it will be the last thing u can do 2006. enjoy

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    I would get on the phone with him or a webcam.

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    go out and get drunk home gurl it's nothing to it

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