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how much does nioxin cost?

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    Most salons sell a starter kit for about $40 but I've seen the kits on sale for as low as $25.99. It consists of the shampoo, conditioner and serum. It smells nice too -- minty. They make a whole line of styling roducts now too, and I haven't priced those. They are about the same as any of the major lines like Redken, BedHed and similar products.

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    It works wonderfully, but she needs to give it about 3 months before giving up on it. Ive seen it work. See about ordering the larger bottles, you get more money for the price, and if she wants the best results, she should have it fitted to her hair type(there is a numbering system now), and also, only use the nioxin products on her hair. it works by keeping the scalp super clean, almost like exfolliating it, to keep the shaft open to promote growth, and if she uses other products, it may clog up the follicle, and take longer to see results. If possible, she should also take a multi vitamin. Good luck!

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    It's a bit pricey. $10+ each for the shampoo and the conditioner. You can try Sally's. They sell a generic version of that line. Still pricey though.

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    well alot like 10 dollar a shanpoo

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