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how to grow your hair out really quick?

is there anything that makes your hair longer????

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    shave it

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    Biotin helps your body process protein more efficiently. Since hair and nails are dead protein, this helps your hair grow faster. Hair grows from the roots -- as you can easily see when someone dyes her hair and it starts to grow out. Trimming the ends to make hair grow is an old wives' tale. Hair that is neatly trimmed LOOKS longer, which is how this tale started.

    Take a supplement containing biotin (hair and nail vitamins have this) and be sure you're getting plenty of protein. Then, be patient.

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    Hair grows an estimate of a 1/2 an inch a month.

    Taking vitamin E helps to get the sebaceous glands producing oil which helps to promote hair growth. Another thing you can do is massage your scalp every night to get the circulation and sebaceous glands going.

    Getting your hair trimmed every six weeks also helps. It is possible for split ends to split all the way to the scalp. However, I do not believe it causes your hair to stop growing. Split ends can make your hair look thin because of the split end breaking.

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    Getting a trim will always help your hair grow faster but some peoples hair, like mine, will only grow to a certain length and then stop completely. Have you tried a shorter style, they're very popular this year!GOOD LUCK!

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    I'm have thick, coarse hair that is easily damaged, so my hair would grow but be setback from breakage from various reasons. So, I looked into some products to help me. The Profectiv line of hair care products come in various formulas to stimulate growth and even my aunt who hair seemed like it would NEVER grow back (she had bald spots), she started using a version of the product and within weeks her hair started to grow back in her blad spots. And I mean these spots been bald for YEARS...

    Other good lines of products that produce immediate results and promote hair growth is DOO-GRO and ORGANICS : ROOT STIMULATOR. These lines have various formulas as well but you can't go wrong with them. I personally use Doo-Gro. It has done wonders for my hair.


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    Time. Hair grows about half an inch a month.Six inches a year. Nothing makes hair grow faster.

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    Always trim dead ends that makes hair grow longer without it being uneven

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    Your hair grows at its own speed. There is not much you can do to make it grow faster, just keep it healthy and trimmed so it won't break off easy.


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    i trim my hair 2 days AFTER a full moon

    just a LITTLE trim ..

    each month ..

    and even if i sound silly saying this, i can say from first hand experience, my hair grows faster and I have proved my point to my mates who thought i was stupid!

    Source(s): *edit* google the 'Waxing & Waning' of moon cycles etc its how farmers use it to grow crops faster etc its how people use it to either stunt hair growth after shaving/waxing or use it to promote faster hair growth when cutting hair
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    I asked this question a few months ago. I have since found hair formula vitamins at WalMart and they are working.

  • Anonymous
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    Natural homemade remedies-Do Hot oil massage, protien

    treatment and put fruit pack

    once in a week for a healthy hair growth --- read all about it --

    Wish you a happy and prosperous new year.

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