Why isn't the Bible written in a straightforward way which leaves no doubt about what it means?

In other words, why are there so many Christian sects?

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    That's called 'encryption.' As for the sects, we discussed that in one of your questions a few hours ago:


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    It was written in a straight forward manner by the customs and writing styles of the times when it was written. It very clearly dictates values that reflected an primitive society that was searching for an authoritarian answer to everything, a God bigger and badder than the other Gods, and a reason to not disobey their rules, who represented their God on earth.

    The reason why you don't think it is clear is that as the ages passed other clearly dictated values that changes as the people changed were appended to the existing Bible. So what you now see is the accumulation of many centuries of different views, each is clear but they do tend to contradict or conflict in what is dictated.

    As for why there are so many different Christian sects, is the same reason why any religion has multiple sects. Different people have different parts of their scripture they emphasize for their own agendas and different interpretations are given to the same passages.

    The problem with any religion is that there is NO way to determine what is the "correct" agenda, interpretation, or even the right religion. What this means is that religions are nonsense that people are mainly using as a means of membership for protection and isolation and to comfort their fear of death, a very strong fear among people.

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    Excellent question! I believe it is because the Bible was wrtitten so long ago and addressed to people of different cultures, languages and writing styles of the day. There are certain to be at, a minimum, some minor variations in translation. I think many Christian denominations consider the King James version to be the ultimate English language authority.

    That being said, there are other principle as well at work here. For example, the Bible specifically and clearly states that homosexuality is an abomination in God's eyes. There are actually so-called "Christian" denominations that actually condone, or at least accept, assignment of homosexuals to the clergy! The Bible explains this principle and why some people don't see homosexuality, and other sins, as wrong. As I understand it, the Bible calls it a "probate mind" in some passages.

    Additionally, some people just believe what they want to be true and tend to take some Bible passages out of context.

    The bottom line, though, is faith (belief in things unseen) in Jesus Christ as the Savior. Belief that he died on the cross that our sins may be forgiven and choosing to live according to God's word (the Bible).

    Source(s): Being raised in a Christian home and reading the Bible for myself.
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    The Bible is written straightforward. It is inspired by Jehovah God, (2 Timothy 3: 16 & 17). The Christian sects are from man. Many men believe many different ideas & faith. We need to be understanding of a person's view, regardless of whether we agree with them or not.

    Source(s): God's Word; the Bible (John 17:3)
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    I think it's pretty straight forward.

    There's one thing you need to understand about the bible that may make things easier....

    It isn't written to any one group. There are many dispensations of man on the Earth and God is dealing with us all a little differently. The language in the different books of the bible often reflect which group he is talking to. We're the gentiles and he writes to us most often in the New Testament. There are books written to Jews (Hebrews for example) that make sense to them because it's rich in Jewish Heritage.

    So having some historical background helps.

    Also, many figures of speech don't make sense to us today, but that's the bibles fault, it's simply that they've fallen out of favor. Do you remember the scripture about it "being easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man getting into heaven?" It's very easy to read that and say, "Oh, it's impossible to get to heaven when rich because you can't pass a camel through a needle". In fact, the 'eye of the needle" was the entry gate to a walled village. Yes, a camel had to stoop down to pass through it, but it was certainly possible.

    That's the problem with living languages I guess. Find a book that describes those old terms. I have a great book called, "Manners and customs of the Bible" which I find very helpful.

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    The bible was written by various people who lived in various times and places. They each wrote of spiritual matters according to their level of understanding in their time and place and culture. When you put all these writings between the covers of one "book", there's bound to be inconsistencies because no two people understand exactly the same thing in the same way. As early as the first two chapters of Genesis, you can find two different Creation stories. In one, attributed to the Priestly tradition, God created the world in 7 days, humans on the 6th day, men and women at the same time. In the other, attributed to the folk tradition, God created the world in an indeterminate period of time, created man, then the vegetation, then the animals, and finally woman. This is just one example of how different humans wrote differnt parts of the bible reflecting different levels of understanding. Translate this through many different languages and you get even more inconsistencies.

    This is why many people, even good devout people, do not take the bible literally, and do not hold all verses of the bible to be in equal importance. This in turn leads to different Christian sects.

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    The Bible is very clear and the King James is written at a six grade level. Here is the problem. It is a owners manual for a relationship with GOD through Jesus Christ. If you don't have that relationship then the owners manual will make no sense at all. There are entire groups of people who know that the Bible is a spiritual book so they try to make up what they see as religion without ever meeting GOD. This is just plain wacko! If you know GOD then the Bible is like reading the news. I can remember freaking out when all of a sudden this weird book made perfect sense. I know you were just trolling but that was really a great question.

    GOD bless you on your quest.

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    Church leaders did not want ordinary people to be able to read the Bible because it would be harder to control the masses, and less profitable. Making Scripture difficult to understand made it necessary (and possible) for the Church to put its own representatives in every community, telling ignorant people what to believe, how to behave, and collecting money on its behalf. Different sects developed when people determined that the congregation was not behaving (or allowed to behave) as desired, and created their own church with its own rules, using a different interpretation of the BIble.

    Ever wonder why your preacher doesn't preach about the hundreds of instances in the Bible where God COMMANDS his followers to kidnap, enslave, torture, rape, abort, and kill people? See Ezekiel 9:6, Isaiah 13:16, and Exodus 32:27 for just a few examples. It's because most moral people would consider those things immoral, and LEAVE the church (taking their tithing funds with them). Most churches can't afford to preach the truth about the Bible.

    Source(s): Bible Council of Nicaea
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    Thats the freedom, the gift from God, so whatever their faith we have to respect them, but know the difference between evil and good. The bible is not written at our way of thinking, some are written in parable, because Jesus said we dont know what He is talking about, we can never understand if he uses plain words, so he had to used examples and earthly terms so we will understand. The Old testament is more difficult. Thats why we are advice to pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance first so we can understand what we are reading. Some people who are not spiritually guided form their own way of "understanding" towards the word of God, thats why they feel that way and made their own way. But let it be done according to Gods way, let it be.... And pray for them. When the Holy Spirit is in you, you will have a deeper understanding and wide comprehension. A heavenly wisdom. Pray for others.

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    The Bibles words were chosen very carefully. Hence the large time duration of priests to write it. Notice that a numeric value was assigned to each piece. Now notice that with the way it was written.....that any form of thinking can understand it. Become a part of the written word and you will understand every word as clear as youd like.


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    Because yes interpretations bring about many sects.....

    Also, back in the days the bible was written....it was very common to be poetic...

    Additionally, it's important to point out that even being "straighforward" there are always interpretations for that... Look at the legal system and look at how people even with Pre-Nups can still get a piece of their ex spouses assets....

    For example, look at how when we say sex....we thing we are being straighforward....but in actualilty...so many different interprestations... look at Clinton...even though he didn't have sex with Monica L. he did... because is not placing your hands in or around her privates considered as sex?

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