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how do i quit caring so much?

how do i quit caring so much about my xgf she told me when we broke up that it wouldn't be forever and we'd be back together but now she found this other guy and she thinks shes all cool n **** bc she drinks and shes having a get together tonight and theres drinking.. We dated for two yrs n she always told me she didnt want me to do that stuff so i never did but now shes out with him n im scared shes gonna get drunk n thne hes gonna try to get her to do stuff.. She wouldn't unless she really loved him i know this girl so well but i cant quit thinkin about her what should i do?

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    well if the two of you are meant to be together you will be, and because of your ages it makes it tough because of the fact that expereinces in life are what make you wiser and make you learn what life is all about and without them you could be further along in your relationship and you both will still do them so better now then later I guess, therse lots of highschool sweethearts that break up in there mid 20's because of that, theres also things you dont want in your relationships that she needs to experience as a person to know what its about. yes this guy might and probly will disrespect her so to speak hopefully she'll realize the good in you then but honastly girls seem to like to go thru that oh about a hundred times before and if they ever realize it so listen have you ever heard the serenity prayor I dont know it exactly which is dumb because it small but anyways to change the things I can, accept the things I cant and the wisdom to know the difference. Its so hard to be where you are while also not knowing what you will later and then will wish you knew it now but sorry its a long road still for you be patient knowing all these things you go through now are and always will be lessons for the rest of your life to go on, accept them for what they are and learn dont take it to heart it will only make it harder and in turn make you harder, sounds like you do have a heart keep it and some girl one day will love you for it when the time is right for you, good luck Kim

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    Unfortunately the more you push her to be with you the more she is going to run. I know i have tried that with my husband who has left me for another woman. just be their for her when she realizes what this guy does to her. that is the best you can do. I know it is hard trust me probably more than anyone on here. but until they see for themselves that we love them more they are going to make mistakes. and their is nothing that we can do about it.

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    listen to music and relax. You might never find out what will happen tonight. I suggest you go out and look for girls tomorrow or next weekend. get her out of your head.

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