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Why is it that when you hold sthng in front of the bridge of your nose or right in front of your forehead....?

you get a happes even when ur eyes are closed, so u eed not necessarily"See" the object being held.......

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    i just tried that onmy brother, it didnt work.... but it worked on me.... maybe its just something psychosomatic. u know... worked on my coz i was expecting it to since i read ur question, but not on my bro coz he was not expecting it and had his mind else where....

    u know i have actually noticed that u do not feel things (even actual PHYSICAL pain) when ur mind is on something else.. it is weird but pretty cool. i have done such experiments with my friends... dig this: i asked my friend to blindfold me and to put my favorite CD on the cd player... then start a conversation with me.

    previously, i had asked him to wait until he thought my mind was elsewhere and then cut me (slightly) somewhere without telling me where.

    u know what i discovered? while my mind was on the music and the discussion, i hardly noticed being cut, even though blood was seeping (not much...dont freak, ok, sweetie?). however, when we did the same experiment without the blindfold, the music or the talking and i knew exactly when and where i was going to be cut, i found that not only did i notice it, but it also stung quite a bit.

    my point? (other than that i am a madcap teenager who carries out weird experiments...^_^) we feel what our mind WANTS us to feel... only what we r expecting to feel... as a consciousness, we choose what to feel at a certain time... filter the surroundings, if u will...

    i dunno if any of this is relevant to ur question... i just thought it was fitting and felt like sharing it w/ u.

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    I dont know, lol.

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