i need huge help on Pokemon Colliseum?

after that guy "Silva" comes and shuts down the calliseum in PYRITE, where do i find him?? ......and how do i get there??

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  • Jim
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    1 decade ago
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    silva shuts down the town's power. i copy/pasted the following from a FAQ

    Exit and head for the windmill, to the left of the bridge to the Colosseum. Talk to everyone inside there, and another FMV begins. The windmill's Gear has been stolen, and you have to retreive it. Head for the Realgam Construction Lot, and look in the upper-right corner for the Gear. Take it back to the windmill and the Colosseum opens up for business. But first, check the deck at the jail for a Jail Key, and open all the cells. One of the cells has a TM46 inside. TM46 teaches the following move to a Pokémon: Thief

  • 1 decade ago

    www.gamespot.com, look up your game, then hints and cheats, and all the way at the bottom, are the walkthroughs :-)

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