Does that mean there is no more hope for me?

I am really confused... Why did she not reply?

Yeah, so I text this girl whom I like to wish her a very Happy New Year. I text her two times; with the second one longer and more 'creative'. Her reply to the first one is short and rather abbreviated, just wishing me "happy new year to u", but she didn't reply the second time round.

Is she offended?

I mean why would she be angry and offended with the second message? It does not contain all those 'love' things and only about friendship.

*(We are just friends. Two months ago I told her my feeling but she said she just want to be friends. But, I often communicate with her and am very kind to her.)

Does that mean there is no more hope for me? Does that mean she will not like me forever?

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    dont worry. she likes you, of course she does. If she doesnt answer you by the second time, dont worry because she did once yet. she might be with her family or with other friends and usually one doesnt like it when friends write too much messages... Just try to understand her and dont worry about that anymore.

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    This does not mean that there is no more hope for you. It just means that she is partying and not really focusing on texting people. It is getting closer to 12:00 and probably harder to respond to something like that. Be happy that she responded at all. If she wants to just be friends with you then one text message was enough. Don't push yourself on her. That will only make her not like you more. Don't be hurt by this but, friendship is probably all you will get so, kind of get used to that but, make it clear to her that you are ok with that. Maybe even tell her that you are interested in someone else and get her advice on that. Let her know that her friendship is important to you and her advice and go from there. Never ask her out again let her come to you but, make sure you are around her alot so, she can get to know you and like you the way you want to be liked. It can't really hurt you.

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    You are just giving her too much attention, you already had sent her a message, there was no necessity for you to send her a second one. Women don't like to be bothered all the time specially if she have already told you that she just one to be a friend of yours, if she told you that, you just have to act like one, to behave as you would behave with any other friend, It doesn't mean that there is no hope for you, it just means that you have to give her some space and respect her decision of not being with you momentarily. It is very likely that if you step back a little she'll be more interested in you, she'll be asking her self "Why is this guy not into me anymore???" and she'll do anything to get closer to you and who knows, maybe you could end up together just don't bother her too much. Take this advise from a girl and you'll succeed hahaha. Good Luck with that!!!! :)

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    It means she likes you as a friend and one text was enough. She responded so you let it go. Two texts and no response means she's either busy or you are bordering on annoying. Three or more means you are stalking and risking having her put a restraining order on you. Be happy with the friendship or you may risk losing her completely.

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  • I haven't a clue. Perhaps she was in a hurry or not as fast at texting. I hate it when people give short replies to my emails because I put much thought into it. How often do you email her? Is she already in a relationship and not interested and thinks your elaborate messages are flirting? Try your talented figurative launguage on somebody that appreciates it, like a new girl. I am sorry about your situation.

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    She may be busy right now, like say, with a guy. On this special day, you have to respect that your girl, with whom you are just friends and care so much about, has 'a life'. I would sincerely start considering all other 3,000,000,000.00 females that roam the earth...meanwhile, if you are made for her, trust me, she will notice you and fall in your arms. If it takes you, on the other hand, more than 1 txt to get her attention...well, err...good luck.

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    Maybe she's busy. Maybe she doesn't think she's suppose to reply to the second message. Maybe she's worried you expect more than she's willing to be for you. If your willing to be friends, be a friend, cut her some slack. At least she said Happy New Year. It could have been worse.

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    Ok.the network may be jammed...OR

    You are pushing it too hard on her by putting the "love" word in your message. She wants to stay just friend. Better if you do not cross the border. Do not say what you feel. You love her and one day she must realise and may be you will be lucky. If you are too may lose her and she will always try to avoid you.

  • Take a breath, it's not that end-all. If you text her, text her only once. I know it may be hard but if you send a message and she does not reply or her message back is brief, let it go.

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    Shes not offended, just give her time. Maybe something about the message made her think about something. She might be busy. Dont beat yourself over it, give her time and she will come around.

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