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Short sleeve button up shirts. Yes or no? (not a formal occasion, just wearing it untucked and with jeans)?


Buttoned up?

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    ya thats cute just dont button up all the way leave 2 bottons opened and ur good to go

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    Yes if you have a beater or white T-shirt under the button up shirt. Usually, no otherwise. There are some exceptions.

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    Instead, get a l/s button up and roll the sleeves for a rugged look.

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    Yes, but wear it with a long-sleeved thermal t underneath or double-layered tanks.

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  • sounds could even wear it with a tank under and unbutton it for some cleavage.dont forget somthing like one of those long chain necklaces or the big ball ones.

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    with jeans or summery pants/trowsers it's ok, just leave a button or too unbuttoned, and you are good to go.

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    depends on the pattern and your build, some fashions just aren't for everyone

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    I think they're good for spring or summer wear... and if you have nice arms :)

  • 1 decade ago

    sure why not? everyone wears them

    wear what YOU want to wear.

    Source(s): just bought a leopard print sweater and green with a tad of orange blazer at the thrift store and yea its a bit crazy but hey, i like it and i dont care what anyone else thinks!
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    if ur a hott guy with a hot bod....then totally go 4 it babe! that would b a GUH-REAT AND FAB-U-LUS LOOK!


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