First date, I need help with an outfit (makeup and all)?

Well im pretty tall and my date is short so I need to appear a little shorter, i have dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Im not really a skirt person but everyone says I look good in them so I guess that you could choose that also what eyeshadow color or eyeliner should I wear? I want to look cute and sexy not trashy or revealing.

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    since this is a 1st date wear a jean skirt at the knee(jean skirts r great for going out on surprise dates because u can go out with it to a movie or to dinner) also since ur taller don't wear heels instead wear flip-flops now just pick ur fav. shirt that might match the rest of ur outfit and ur all set

    wear a light shiny lip gloss with eyeliner(not to dark) and considering it ur first date don't were eyeshadow because u don't want to go over the top now also leave ur hair down

    good luck and have fun!!!!!!!!!

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    Wear flats. Black or dark brown eyeliner really brings out blue eyes. For eyeshadow, maybe a neutral like a light pink. wear something that you feel comfortable in. Depending on what type of date this is casual or formal, maybe a nice button down shirt and a nice skirt that isn't too short at least knee length.

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    Out Fit:

    TOP-the top should be short not long sleeve, skirts don't go with long sleeve tops.

    BOTTOM-since you want to look cute skirts are the way to go! i would suggest a long skirt, cause they make you look shorter.

    SHOES- try to get shoes that look like something u will wear and 1 with no heels.

    HAIR- leave your hair down cause it shapes you face, u look slimmer and will go g8 with you skirt. in saying that u can always accessorise, u can add clips or even wear a hair band.

    Make up:

    EYE SHADOW-got with baby pink ,baby blue or 2 shades litter than Ur skirt.

    OTHER: eye line Ur top and bottom eyes, leaves your eyes more attractive! add a hint of blush either red or a shade litter that your skin.

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    okay first of all, you should dress how you feel comfortable. I guess it does depend on where you're going and all but dress how you feel comfortable. Next for eye liner you should wear a black or a dark brown. Then for eye shadow you should wear neutral colors. Finally, don't wear heels. Wear something flat.

    also here's a tip for ya, If it's something you wouldn't usually wear , then don't do it now. ....ya know what I mean??

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  • 1 decade ago

    try wearing a short dress with dress wear cool flats for a cool look

  • 1 decade ago

    wear something your comfortable in and don't worry too much

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