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Should the Jets retire Ken O'Brien's number? Why?

Ken O'Brien is second in Jets history in passing yards. He has more touchdown passes than interceptions. Has the longest (96 yards) touchdown pass in Jets history. He led the Jets to their highest scoring game beating Tampa Bay 62-38.


He played for the Jets from 1983-1992. He is one of the NFL quarterbacks to pass for more than 25,000 yards (25,094). His 96 yard touchdown pass was the longest in Jets history. Unlike Joe Namath, he has more touchdown passes (128) than interceptions (98). He also led the Jets to their highest scoring victory when they defeated the Buccaneers 62-28.

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    He probably should but I thought they only retired your number if you were number 1? Has he broken the Jets record for passes. I really don't know. I haven't followed the Jets that closely. But I really thought you had to be number one or surpass all the old records, or play that number for years. If you find an answer let me know...

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