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How do you get over being dumped by your first real love?

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    It takes a while to get over being dumped by your first real love.. Trust me, I've been there. You just have to give yourself some time, then head on back out in the playing field. Feel free to flirt a little with someone that you've had your eye on for a while. Sure things that your ex will do will hurt a little but don't let them see you hurt. Make them think that you are just fine and that nothing is wrong with you.. BE STRONG!! and good luck to you.

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    hang out with your best friend and stop thinking about your ex. it's true that you will find youself in a weird situation where everything you see and hear will remind you of your ex. whenever this happen, close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath, at the same time tell yourself to move on. however, don't rush finding another one because you will only end up finding yourself comparing your new bf/gf with your ex.and eventually you will treat them as a 'replacement' and it's totally not fair for him/her.both of the parties will not be happy in this relationship.

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    What I think you should do is call him up and tell him how you feel. If he says that he doesn't care you should forget about him or you could try to be his friend. I'm sure if it dose not work out with the boyfriend thing yall will find a way to be close friends. If you need a friend to talk to about this problem send me some e-mails.

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    Whew.. boy, that was hard. My advice - talk to some other female friends (Provided you = man) about it, cry if you got to (Whether you're a girl or a guy) and see if you can't find another love to take your mind off of her. She'll always have that place in your heart, though.

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    time is the best help becasue you will think you will die but really you wont. just keep your head up and more than likely it will happen more than this once. more than likely what will help it taken a step back and do things that you like to do and care about your self. dont try to get another just yet take time. you be fine!

    Good luck

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    thats what im trying to do now..

    but uhh try to find a hobby or someone new

    or just have fun in life

    at first all i did was think bout him but now

    im living life still like him

    but ehh its OVER so what can i do bout it

    if he has a new girl then try not to look at them itll hurt u more but dont avoid

    well thats all i can say hope it helps u ..

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    I'm in the same situation and its hard but you have to forget them and just move on. some people just replace people with others like they are a toy. just hang in there and keep yourself busy. do something for yourself and when you find someone better you will be happy trust me

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    Its hard but you have to move on... Like they say time heals all wounds...Their are so many others out there just take you time and you will find the right one.

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    Im not sure of that one either when you find out let me know cause my husband just left me for another woman. it is bums ville for me too. best wishes to you. what I have found that has helped me get over it is all the bad things that he has done to me, i dont think of the good.

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    theres no recipe or spell or potion or anything that can make the hurt go away faster or completely only time can heal wounds to the heart

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