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Do you find this creeeeeeeepy????????

Earlier today I took my girlfriend home, who lives 12 miles up a hollow from civilization in West Virgina, when we got there she noticed that one of the three doors to thier basement was opened, Her house is an old Mining Hotel that has numerous rooms that are dark and dreery, her house is already kind of scary to me. Ok back the story, before I left I walked around the side of the house to shut the door, before I shut it I went inside to check and see if any of thier dogs had went inside, upon finding no dogs I went back to the door to shut it, I found that the door was locked but opened, not thinking any thing of it I just shut the door then pushed on it to make sure it was shut tight. Well about 4 hours later I went to pick up my gf to take her to work and as I came around the bend to her house I saw that the door was opened again. My gf had heard some noises but didn't think anything of it. Would this scare the chit out of you or what and What could it be?

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    I think its your gf's other boyfriend

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    A wood door can seem to be shut tight (locked or unlocked), but if changes in humidity have occurred there's a chance the door hasn't been completely shut enough so it won't be blown open by the wind. I've had that with a door.

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    It feels like he thinks very especially of you. the two certainly one of you have been formative years acquaintances suited? properly even with the certainty that that is been a mutually as, his emotions might desire to nevertheless be there. as quickly as I see an previous weigh down i'm getting form of attracted lower back. So that is an extremely sturdy threat that he likes you. do not hardship approximately him not being around the final couple weeks at biblical studies or in spite of...i'm specific he has a existence and issues happening in it. It does not propose he would not such as you. And men in specific circumstances purely want a harm from females and have "chum time". even even with the shown fact that females may be very related and extremely almost stalker-ish on the guy they prefer, men are not extremely the comparable. They like to talk to the lady and talk for a mutually as (like he did with you), yet in addition they want a harm. purely attempt giving him some area for somewhat. I pay attention that factor spent away makes the heart improve fonder. attempt chatting with him in some days and ask him what's happening in his existence. attempt to enhance on your friendship extra and then locate out if he fairly likes you or not. wish I helped! sturdy success! =)

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    Yeah, that would scare me to death, of course that maybe one of the things that keep us living, but I had something like that happen to me before, I don't remember what it was. But, later I found out someone had been doing it, not on purpose, but didn't know I was shutting it every time.

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    Yes I find it creepy and definitely unnerving.

    but rather than think the place is haunted .I am more inclined to think some one is snooping around for what ever reason. I would be worried for your gfs safety.Maybe you could hide a video camera to see if you can find out whats going on. maybe a call to the police is in order.I would like to know what you find out.

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    I am sure i would get chills and the hibbie jeebies...and OH what ia great halloween story....around the camp fire. wwooooowaaaaa BOO I write halloween stories and that is the makings of a great one. It could be ghost, maybe wind, maybe a bear or racoon.

    My brother in law lives in them there hills and he has great stories also.140

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    Sounds like a homeless person may have taken up residence in the basement.

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    yeah creepy,I saw a lifetime movie not to long ago where there was a guy living in their attic for a while and they didn't know about it,and to make it creepier the guy was played by Gary Busey

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    Yeah, that's kind of creepy all right. It would make the beginning to a good scary movie!

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    There are only 3 possibilities. It's human, animal or natural phenomenon. That's it. The only one that would scare me is if it's an intruder.

  • that is creepy.well probably some homeless person or animal has found a home there like someone else said because i dont believe in supernatural stuff happening.

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