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His parents hate

They haven't said it but I can just tell by the way they treat me compared to othere girls....I don't know if they are joking around casue u see they had this party like a christmas party and so it was more for familys and stuff and I wasn't invited but my best friend was because their parents talk so anyways I slept over at my her house and the next day..she invited me to their party..I was scared to go....her dada called his parents to make sure its ok and I'm just going to amke up named to not give out info: hey its've got a paranoid daughter that wants to bring a friend

Mrs.Barb: o sure tahts fine..just who is it its just jenny

Mrs.Barb JENNY there a problem

Mrs. barb.o no.shes just in love with my son she doesn't ahve to come

Mrs. barb..ahh no its ok she can come

I go to a catholic school so everything I do is like modest but they watched me like a they not like me or is this just friendly stuff stay away from my son

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    Your friend has a relationship with your bf's family. You do not. That's why you were treated differently.

    I don't think it was appropriate for you to worm your way into that party. Take things a little more slowly when it comes to his family. Perhaps it's your expectations about what your relationship is with his parents? Just because you're close with your bf, don't assume that you'll be close with his parents. That's a whole new relationship and that takes time to build up trust and familiarity.

    Good luck. And I hope you will really work at this because it could mean a lot for many years to come.

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    Just realize when/if you have a son you will be the same way. No one will be good enough.

    Do you really want to know why? Here are the normal reasons.

    You are to trashy/slutty acting

    You have bad manners and don't come from a good family

    You are not very pretty.

    Your boyfriend had a girl they just liked better.

    These are the most common reasons. They flat out ask them one day, and they probably won't tell you but it will let them know that you have noticed.

    You might try talking to them more and feel them out. When they start talking about manners, or his ex, or start asking questions about your family, this will tip you off as to why.

  • There is no way you go to Catholic school. If there's one thing Catholic schools do right, it's teaching, and with your grammar, spelling and completely incomprehensible question, I know you're not telling the truth about that. And what is it with "dada"? how old are you? 2?

    That could be why your bf's parents don't like you, you're an immature liar, if you even have a bf.

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    I think that you are a little paranoid about the whole situation. It sounds like you have a big problem with being accepted when you should just be your self. Maybe his parents think you try way too hard to impress them and that its not genuine. And depending on your age by what the mother said " she's in love with my son." maybe she thinks that you are too young to be in love.. If your bf and you don't have any problems forget his parents liking you. You shouldn't concern your self with how his parents feel you are not dating them. Just stop trying to get them to like you and be your self you sound like a sweet person. They will come around..


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    See, straight up: here is the problem. Catholic girls are the loosest around, or that is the general perception of them anyway. The whole school girl fantasy, its based on the fact that they are so sheltered and discipline that when they get some time away from authority they go wild. Being catholic is like being a hooker. By the way you rock!

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    You haven't given us any reason to suspect why his parents might not like you. Do you have a bad reputation? If not, I'd just assume they are joking but you should probably just talk to his parents to see what they really think. Good luck and don't be so nervous.

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    Sometimes it takes time for parents to accept their childrens bf/gf just give it some time and i'm sure they will begin to accept you.

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    Ok...heres the news you don't want to hear...

    Maybe hes just not that into you. Maybe he communicates with his mom difficulties in handling your 'affection'.

    You don't say what your relationship is with him...curious?

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    Maybe they don't trust their son around girls who might be vulnerable (because they like him.) Maybe their son isn't such a gentleman and they are trying to protect YOU.

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    they are testing you. just prove to them you are not a fake and that you do love their son. and if he loves you back then he will help them to see how good of a person you are.

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