Dreaming of snakes,yellow diamond backs,laying on a mattress with 9 yr old daughter,shut dor on them,cant move

my dream s follows laying on mattress on floor with 9 yr old daughter,next to cupboard,open door purple snake crawls out fast,hubby tryes to catch it,i open door again to look and about 6 yellow diamond backs start crawling to door i shut it,then i try getting off bed with daughter,knowing i had to move,but i could not move and i was terrified,even though snakes couldnt get out,oh hubby did not capture the very fast purple snake.lol what do u think this dream means?it was so real,...in my present life we moved to a new state and im wanting to go home,also my daughter is home sick too,but the men in family hubby and 2 sons are ok staying here.weve ben arguing latley about staying here and going home,,also to make matters worse my mom left this wek after visiting for 3weeks for xmas...thanks

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    Snakes, especially poison ones represent "danger." In your case I believe the snakes represent "unknowns" and red flags go up regarding adjustment issues, the family split (males versus females) in mentality regarding their comfort levels in a new state, and lastly your Mom leaving left you even more insecure and confused because she was the support you needed. Now you look to your husband for empathy but he's coming from a different point of view. I think the "snakes" represent unconscious fears you have about your marriage, your homesickness, but mostly your future. Try and sit down with your husband and see if you can compromise on giving it another go for a specific time allotment. If let's say in 6 months it still is not going well maybe you can have a meeting of the minds that you will resolve the matter by moving back or closer. During that period of time try not to argue or point fingers, but after that time be honest and ask that your husband honor any compromises that you have set. When people use goals and time frames they feel that they have more control and acceptance over a situation which equates to better outcomes.

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    Well, I wish I had more info. Such as: in the dream, are you in present time, is the mattress usually on the floor by the cupboard, etc.

    The best rule of thumb with dreams is to look at, not the specifics of the dream, but the general message. How did you feel? Scared, I imagine, but what else? Is it your house you do not like? Were you more afraid for your safety or someone else's? Is this a recurring dream or not? My best advice is to think about how the dream made you feel and go from there.

    If I would have to guess, I would say you experienced something most dream researchers call a "release dream." You are stressed about you current situation at home and probably feel a little alone and a bit vulnerable. I bet this came across to you in your dream and your subconscious is using your dream time to release your stress about it. It's nothing terrible, completely normal and a very healthy way to deal with life. I would not worry about the dream and unless you keep having these dreams all the time, just let it go. You might also want to talk to your husband about how you feel about moving and I bet he will be able to help you feel more secure, happy and safe.

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    I believe what you experienced was a "Night Terror" which is worse than a nightmare. I have been living with these for a long time now and what I have learned about them is that they very closely reflect a traumatic event someplace in your past. The snakes would be a representation of something that can (or did) harm you or worse. You would be the only one who could answer what it could be. As far as hubby not catching the other snake that supports that what ever may have happened to you is something that you alone have to identify and work out or work through. Good luck P.S. I'm not selling any books.

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    I'll do the best I can..., but please keep an open mind ok?

    It seems that in your dream (judging from the snake and your actions) you are trying to chase away some sort of hidden fear? And a certain part of life is maybe rushing about rapidly, you're trying to find a way to catch up with it? Or maybe you are afraid of something and are trying to hide from it? It a way, it could be reflecting on your waking life style or something thats going on that you're not too aware of? Are you afraid of moving into a new environment maybe? Are you trying to get somewhere, and something else is preventing you from doing so?

    Ok, the mattress... is a reflection of responsibilities and personal duty, since you were lying down ON the mattress - it seems to show that you may be tired of these responsibilities or something? Alternatively, it can also mean you couldbe 'lying down on the job' with a certain TYPE of duty?

    To dream about your husband can mean several things, it could be a relfection of the relationship you have with him..., the feelings you feel towards him or it can be symbolic for a special type of commitment required in something else in general.

    And finally, your daughter in the dream may be representing the type of relationship you have with her. It can also be a reflection of some qualities she has. Maybe you're really close to HER in particular and feel the need to protect her more than anyone else? Dreaming about your daughter can also be trying to show a femine side of you.

    Um, thats as far as I can go, sorry. Hope it helps...

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    snakes are symbols of traitors (could be human or phenomenon)check out the status of the location you are staying where you had bad dreams.there might be some hidden problems or mysteries!maybe the 9 yr old daughter is involved in hidden turmoil in your place.pray to GOD to give you wisdom and understanding .

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    Dream interpretation means nothing. It's a bunch of crap just used to sell books and get a spot on a television show. Psychologically it has been proven that dreams don't mean a single thing, they are only bits of information that are being stored into long term memory.

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    snakes traditionally represent evil.......see if you can try to make sense given the setting....if no forget it.....

    A lot of very "real" dreams don't amount to anything, whether to they were good or bad.

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