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Do you believe that Satan posseses people?

If so, why does Satan posess people? I'll tell you. The earth was created for Man. Satan has no authority on earth. He has to do his evil works through people. So he posseses them. Likewise, God has no authority on earth, either. God must work through people as well. That is why believers pray, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven". When Christ died on the cross he gave us the Holy Spirit. We are all God's on earths. We are all created in His image. All of us. You shall have what you say. Life or Death. Let there be...Thy will be done...

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    Yes, Satan possesses people. Sometimes with the permission of the person being possessed and sometimes he possesses with the permission of God in order to bring about belief from people. It provides a witnessing opportunity that proves Satan is real and there is a battle going on for the souls of people.

    Yes we were created in His image,however, Satan does have power in this world. God let him have power:

    "John 12:31 Now is the time for judgment on this world; now the prince of this world will be driven out.

    John 16:11 and in regard to judgment, because the prince of this world now stands condemned."

    At the time of the fall of Adam and Eve, Satan became prince of the earth and man still had a place on it because God created the earth for man.

    God has authority over everything natural and supernatural since He created it.

    The Kingdom of God is not of this earth, Jesus said. So what is waiting for those who are called to His Kingdom is like nothing here on earth.

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    There is a spirit that posseses people. The spirit gets invited in so its a personal choice. Some people call this spirit the holy spirit, some call it jesus and others call it satan.

    And this possesion is encouraged by churches who persuade you to invite the spirit into your life and allow it to control you, if you want to go to heaven. But until the person who originally invited the spirit in, decides to kick it out, that person should be considered possesed.

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    I dont believe in satan and therefore "he" cannot possess people. However, I do believe in evil spirits (some are here on earth) or those spirits who have not crossed over and are "ticked off" and may cause some trouble with this side.

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    I do thank he can. My father in-law was a preacher for awhile and he had a woman who was going to hes church for awhile than stopped she had a soft voice but when she came in the church her voice was of a man with a vary big and manly voice. He did an exorcism on her than it left. He don't talk allot about that.

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    I believe that Satan has the power to possess people.

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    Satan no longer has physical power. He just has the power to make a sales pitch (probably by mental telepathy).

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    yes, it has to do with a dimension inside our brains in which a spirit that is very real can enter in and out. People who are weak and controlled will make fun of people, put them down, hurt people.

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    they'll have you back on solid foods any day now...........

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