WHAT IS A GOOD store to shop in?

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    Depends on what you're looking for.

    You have your one-stop shops like Wal-Mart and Target.

    Then you have trendy stores like Wet Seal, Charlette Rousse, Forever 21/ Gadzooks, etc.

    I personally like to look for unique finds at the thrift stores or discount stores where the items are packaged and sealed where hundreds of people can have the same exact thing you have.

    But I mean, it really depends on what you're looking for. I have found cute little accesories at reasonable prices at Target and Wal-Mart all the time. And I scan stores like Charlotte Rousse and Wet Seal for clearance items. I just got a red leather purse and black plaid n chain purse from Wet Seal, for a total of 4 bucks and some change!! Now thats the way to go. Cute n inexpensive accesories to jazz up or add to an outift. Who says looking fabulous had to break your bank?!


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    I shop in a wide variety of places and they're all good =]



    Victoria's Secret




    Gabriel Brothers


    Dick's Sporting Goods

    Hot Topic

    The Buckle

    New York & Company




    The Raisen Rack


    The Mustard Seed

    Giant Eagle

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    These are cheap prices and in style:


    ♥Tj Maxx




    ♥Old Navy






    These are prices that are a little bit expensive sometimes you could look in the clearance.

    ♥American Eagle


    ♥Abercombie & Fitch


    I shop at these places. I look for prices that I can afford. Hope I helped! Happy new years!♥

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    If you are more of an edgier person and like up to date trends you should shop at Urban Outfitters, there also online, they have clothing for evry price range and is very up to date! If you are going for a cheaper look go to Forever 21 they sell o.k. clothing for really cheap!

    Source(s): www.urbanoutfitters.com www.forever21.com
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    Nordstrom Rack

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    Express, they have clothes for all occasions and looking good at work too!

    Target has some nice clothes at good prices, I like their accessories, good prices on makeup and vitamins- even food best one stop shopping you can get

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    Depends on your style.

    With durability, I think ae is pretty good. I get a lot of clothes from PacSun. They're nice, but the girls' clothing tends to rip easily. Thin cloth, I guess..

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    I really lilke to shop at areopostle because their clothes are so cute and their prices are good to. They always mark them down. all of it is 50% off. I also like to shop at Pac Sun they have nice shoes their. I bought some roxies and i looked at famous footwear and they we're forty and i got mine for $30.00 those are my favorite shops

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    Max Rave!!!




  • 1 decade ago

    for adults j Jill

    for kids 10 to 18 ambercrombie or hollister

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