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Music mixing...?

I'm not quite sure how to word this...I'm interested in making music on my computer, but I don't know where to get started.

Are there any software programs for mixing music out there that are easy for beginners, and (hopefully) free (or at least inexpensive), and aren't FruityLoops?

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    The software you are looking for is not free (if you find a free program, it will not do what you My suggestion is to go to a local software retailer and see what they have.

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    What i have on my computer is called: Traktor Dj Studio 3

    its a very advanced program, and if you get it, youll probably need to read the manual a couple of times [many many buttons to press]

    I havent used it yet myself...just because i dont get how to work it and am too lazy to read the directions...but it seems like a great program

    and yes FruityLoops is another program for making music

    one of my friends uses that program and hes pretty good at making mixes

    im not sure how much either one costs [i didnt buy the one i have]

    hope this helped even a bit

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    You want to compose music note by note? or

    You want to record music from an instruments?

    do you want to cut and paste music/audio files?

    "Cakewalk Sonar" for recording music from instrument and add a midi/synthesizer by inputing note, and tey also provide a little sample of riff.

    "Finale" and "Sybelius" for writing music note and play it with your sound card - midi.

    "Cool Edit Pro" and "Sony Sound Forge" to cut, paste, copy or edit any audio file anyway you want it.

    They all must be purchased. But they said that the "Cool Edit Pro" could be downloaded from net.

    hope this help

    Bless You

    Source(s): I'm a musician working with those software.
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    Try audacity.It's free and easy to use.the main function for the software is to edit any sound file.But you can get extra extension and plugin for extra effect and tasks.

    Good luck.

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