Which acne product should i use?

I have been dealing with moderate acne for awhile. I breakout usually in my T-zone every 3 days. I recently bought a black head facial cleanser with 2% salicylic acid. I also bought noxema maximum strength pads and stridex maximum strength pads cuz i couldn't decide. They both contain 2% salicylic acid. After I wash my face, which pads should i use. Also, will they help reduce my scarring because some of my dark acne scars stick out on my light brown skin and I don't want that to be a turnoff.

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    proactiv u jus need to use it once. I only bought mine once and that was it ma skin was clear. But skin types are different....boo that salicylic wateva doesnt work i tried it. Anyway u would rather not proactiv use Oxy Chill Factor it has the cleanser pads and a lotion. Its 10% benzoyl peroxide

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    I use Nutrogena's Acne Treatment System - just stay away from the night serum . . . The wash is a combination of a scrub and cream! I love it! it exfoliates, but not to the point of irritation. I can use it daily without over drying, and if I stop using it, I don't break out right away like so many others that I have tried. The daytime cream/sunblock is also great! It's a light moisturizer that doesn't leave me oily. The night time serum/cream honestly made my break outs worse. I don't know what it was with the stuff, but it was just better off in the garbage than my face. If I am breaking out or don't use the cleanser, they have blemish pads that work well too! My skin is a mess when I am stressed, and these are the only products that seem to work for me!

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    Pads are not good to use on your skin... OXY PADS broke me out and irrated my skin.. I have acne, well actually past tense, HAD. I just went to the dermatoogist and they can perscribe you what you really need. Certain skin types demand certain restrictions and product limitations... My was dry so i ot olay mouisturizer. But i had to wash my face 3 times a day religiousally.. It took alot of time but its worth it. Pro active is okay for acne but it really didnt help me, because, i needed something a bit stronger. stridex maximum strenght pads also irratate skin, beause of the acid. Smooth and Creamy medicine is always better than liquidy...

    ps. If you go to the dermatoligist this is what is likely to happen:

    your skin might get worse for a week, witch means that it is cleaning out all of the future zits and bacteria. Your skin might be irratated or red at first. but 2 weeks after your skin should be perfect if not go back and demand different medicine...

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    I just turned 32 and have been struggling with acne. I too, started getting scaring. I found the best product ever! It is not cheap, at around $50 a jar, but fabulous. It is a pure aloe product by California Concepts. It is Alpha Lipoic Acid Cream.This ingredient ala is a powerful antioxidant. it reduces fine lines,enlarged pores, and blemish scars. Trust me it works!

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    The one product that I've found to work well is Loreal's Acne Response 3 step treatment. It doesn't overtly dry out your skin like the facial cleaner pads or black head treatments because it's using small dosages of benzoyl peroxide and Salicyclic acid. To treat the scarring use the Loreal Adult Acne Peel, this mild peel will also help fade spots overtime.

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    seek a dermatologist...their stuff is sooo much better and also you may have acne like mine...where it's hormonal...

    So the doctor (a Beverly Hills doctor that worked with Dr. Murad) right now only prescribe to me topical treatment while I'm working with my other doctor about decreasing my adrogen levels. ...

    Before, what worked for me was proactiv when I didn't have a hormonal imbalance.

    Also, if you do a poll most people work better with benzoyl peroxide than with salicylic acid.....

    Source(s): www.acne.org and my docotors
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    Here is what it contains:






    3.1 Timeline of acne treatment


    3.2.1 Exfoliating the skin

    3.2.2 Topical Bactericidals

    3.2.3 Topical antibiotics

    3.2.4 Oral antibiotics

    3.2.5 Hormonal treatments

    3.2.6 External retinoids

    3.2.7 Oral retinoids

    3.2.8 Phototherapy Blue and red light Photodynamic therapy

    3.3 Less widely used treatments

    3.4 Future treatments

    3.5 Preferred treatments by types of acne vulgaris

    4 Acne scars

    5 See also

    6 References

    7 Footnotes

    8 External links

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    You're on the right track. I'm afraid your looking to expensive solutions when there really isn't a solution except the passage of time. While you wait for your body to produce thinner oils, there are a few things you can do. Wash your face a few times a day. Use an alcohol based astringent to follow your soap and water washes (Listerine mouth wash is an excellent astringent!), and the number one rule must never be broken, keep your hands and fingers away from your face, don't touch, rub, feel, or pick unless your washing up!

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    If I were you, I would find a face wash with an oil-free AHA (alpha hydroxy acid, which you can find at www.alphahydrox.com), then use the stridex 2% salicylic acid (which is BHA) pads as a toner. Then, I would use the AlphaHydrox AHA souffle. This will help w/ the scars and help even out tone. AHA penetrates deeper in pores than BHA and therefore helps to prevent acne.

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    I don't think you should use any of those. You should get Proactive! I use it and it has dramaticly cleared up my skin.

    And acne scars are not a problem for me anymore either!

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