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popular music in france?

what are some popular songs or artists that ppl listen to in france.. just curious and would like to download some music :)

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    If you're searching for French artists :

    - "old classics" : Jacques Brel (he's Belgian, but it doesn't matter), Georges Brassens, Barbara, Piaf, Gainsbourg, Aznavour

    Some classics are Brel "Ne me quitte pas", "Le plat pays"...

    Barbara "Gottingen", "L'aigle noir"

    Brassens "Chanson pour l'auvergnat"

    Edith Piaf "Je ne regrette rien", "La foule"...

    Serge Gainsbourg "La javanaise", "Melody nelson", "Le poinconneur des lilas", "Mon légionnaire"...

    Charles Aznavour "La mamma", "La bohème", "Comme ils disent"

    Kind of songs you'll still listen in 50 years.

    - other pop/rock-"chanson française" not so recent (70's-80's):

    Françoise Hardy ("Ma jeunesse fout le camp")

    Renaud ("Mistral gagnant" being his greatest songs - avoid his latest songs however),

    Michel Polnareff ("Lettre à France", "Le bal des Laze", "Goodbye Marylou"),

    Jean-Jacques Goldman (highly successful in the 80's with "Envole moi" "La bas" "La vie par produration"),

    Alain Bashung ("Vertiges de l'amour", "Osez Joséphine", "Madame rêve"),

    Etienne Daho ("Saudade", "Heures hindoues", "Week-end à Rome", "Duel au soleil"),

    Mylène Farmer (have a kind of "cult" status, due to her lyrics often dark and sexual, imagery and the "mystery" around her. Songs "Désanchantée", "Regrets", "Pourvu qu'elles soient douces", "XXL", "California").

    - rock :

    Téléphone (80's band),

    Noir Désir (the best ever ?),

    Jean-Louis Aubert,

    Louise Attaque (pop/rock with violin),

    Indochine ("L'aventurier", "J'ai demandé à la lune", "Alice et June", "Le grand secret" duet with M. Auf der Maur, "Lady boy", "Canary bay")

    Trust (old hard rock band, best known for their song "Antisocial").

    - modern "chanson"/pop :

    Camille ("Le fil" album, most known song "Prendre ta douleur" almost a-capella),

    Dominique A (try "L'horizon" album),

    Olivia Ruiz ("La femme chocolat" album),

    Daniel Darc ("Crève-coeur" with "La pluie qui tombe" song), Keren Ann,

    Benjamin Biolay,

    Carla Bruni (yes, the Italian/French top-model made an album in French quite nice),

    Miossec (album "Boire"),

    Calogero (songs "En apesanteur", "Si seulement je pouvais lui manquer", "Face à la mer" very popular now)

    - M - (pseudonym for Mathieu Chedid, very popular, songs "Qui de nous deux", "Je dis aime", "Bonoboo")

    Huge success of 2006 was Raphael (album and songs "Caravane").

    - goth : Collection D'Arnell Andrea ("underground" band though, like everything goth)

    - punk : Metal Urbain, Berurier Noir (both old).

    - 2000's pop/teenage music : Don't know much in fact. I can think Najoua Belyzel who is quiet successful even outside French frontiers, Amel Bent (if you're into r'n'b), Nadiya (r'n'b/pop again),

    Chimène Badi (singer "à voix" (with voice))... hard to list. There are Tryo and Sinsemillia (reggae "On vous souhaite tout le bonheur du monde" is their more known song).

    In rap, you have I AM and SUPREME NTM being the references, but I can't help you much.

    The revelation of the year was Grand Corps Malade, "Midi 20" was the 1st successful "slam" album. But it's very focused on lyrics of course, you'll miss a lot if you don't understand French.

    One thing you must know is that "chanson" is often focused on lyrics (mostly for the old singers), if you can read French, it's better to appreciate music.

    Hope this can help.

    PS : Oooops, I forgot Yann Tiersen (do you know "Amelie" soundtrack ?) . Air and Charlotte Gainsbourg are great here, but their albums are in English.

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    Music that is really popular in the states and in English will be popular at the same time in France. Justice is huge in France right now. I'm 18 and all my friends live in France, sure they listen to the doors, bob dylan, the beatles it's part of the culture right now.

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    Listen to Bac Dan Le Bac or whatever by Supreme NTM. It is French rap and is so funny!

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    French techno, love!

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