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My friend proposed this movie idea that he thought was lame, you be the judge.

Would you watch a movie called THE FETISH?

It's about how some teenage dude kidnaps 3 men because he has a foot fetish for them. But he is also insane and very violent.

The 3 main storylines are:

-The detectives trying to find them and since this is the first time the two detectives met, they tell about themselves and horrible past cases that we see in flashback: (A girl was eaten alive and a woman burned alive).

-The 3 men talking about their past lives and helping them through dilemas and then they work together to find a way out.

-The kidnapper, showing his past and how he is struggling to be sane.

There are 7 deaths in the movies.

-This homophobic guy is strapped to chair, the kidnapper turns on a movie showing erotic gay action, he then places a gag ball on the homophobe's mouth, causing him to puke and go into a seizure and choke on his own vomit.

The rest were stabbed and such.



Yea, that's what I think, see, I'm a scriptwriter, and my friend wants me to write it, I think he has a fetish, but he said he was inspired because it is loosly based on a story he claimed to be true when a man was kidnapped because the kidnapper wanted his hair, out of jealousy.

I think it;s interesting and it;s never been done before, And I know it sounds so much like Saw, except if I write it, I plan to the make the 3 main characters more vulnerable and the main villian somehow mure simpathize-able,

And the murders more gruesome and more of a trying to hide the secret. The kidnapper's paranoia. And the interesting conversation.

I don't know if I am going to write it, but who knows, that's why I asked here to ask, who would ----ing see this movie.

Update 2:

LostPanda: I guess the moral, the basic moral is how the past will haunt you and the foot feitsh itself, is a sideline which casued the events in the movie to happen. I seriously plan to give the feitsh only like 30 minutes onscreen out of the whole movie. I don't know crap about a foot fetish.

I am putting in two kinds of genre of horror: psychologial and slasher, to appeal fans of blod and guts and fans of mind games.

The 3 men that are kidnapped, you kinda hate them and wished that they would die, I mean you find out how one of them is an author and used someone;s story, twisted, which caused their person;s suicide.

The main antagonist, you get a sense of pity on him when it shows how before he was kind and how it changed one day and you get a sense of claustaphobia when you're around him.

The detectives are just there to save the day and show you how years can change someone.

I original wanted to have only 2 people die, but I had to increase it for slasher fans

Update 3:

As for the eating alive and burning, it only shows pictures, not actually the whole process of dying.

It also shows how the detective's tragic flaws lead them almost to their deaths.

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    What's the story about? Is there a point, message or desired viewer reaction? Too much is happening. Too many scenes just for the sake of having them. As described, I cannot see how I will be able to care about the victims (important), the detectives (which is filler if not the prime story), and the killer and his fate (if it is the prime story and not the detective's lives).

    Needs a lot of tweaking. Right now it sounds like a too busy/noisy, victims-are-props horror movie. And that is being done to death right now.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • 1 decade ago

    i am an aspiring screenwriter,and no i would not watch it as I dont like horror all. It is wayyyy to graphic for public viewing, ie the woman being burned alive and one being eaten alive...ewwww. however........... there is a catch to this; I think you may be onto something here. take out the two scenes I have described,something else,ok? I like the title. I do! take out the " the" and call it just Fetish. Or,ok,maybe leave in the " the". Anyway, you are onto something here. Good luck,and if it is like " saw" and the other movies like that,someone will tell you so,when it is being pitched. And when it comes out in the theaters,my daughter (who LOVES horror movies!) will tell me all about this new movie,called " the Fetish," and i will say, " dammit! Why didn't I think of that?!?!?!"

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    1 decade ago

    Sounds like Saw...

    With the kidnapping and relating on the past,

  • 1 decade ago

    Sounds alot like Se7en to me.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ummm its a little odd........ i love the title tho.

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