Does anyone have anygood ideas for some cool hairstyles?

Does anyone have any ideas for some coolhairstyles for someone with a little longer than shoulder length curly redish blonde hair?

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    for examples of having ure hair down:

    1) exactly After getting out of the shower, untangle your hair. Then put a hand ful (but not to much) of orange "Vital Care Spiking Gel" and scrub it into ure hair so your hair will look curliesh..After u do that put "{Suave} Rave 3X Ultra" hair spray and spray it all over ure hair................put your hair in a tight bun and spray a little bit more hairspray...leave hair in bun for about half an hour {without air hitting it}...then let go and put more hair spray around.........this will only work if u follow the steps correctly but dont put tooo much of both gel and hairspray cause then u will get frizz and dandruff ......{u can get this 2 products at your local walmart}.......

    2) After u take a shower , dont put anything in ure hair ............let ure hair dry naturally or use a blow dryer to dry it............then starighten layers of hair with a straightener.........u can ask ure local hair product store for wich kind of stuff u need for ure hair to straighten it.......................

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    Ricky Reyes

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    you ought to attempt 2 low ponytails. they are relatively stunning on maximum folk, yet seem extra helpful in my opinion in the experience that your hair isn't parted interior the middle. or merely attempt pinning some hair back (ideally fringe/bangs), or putting a stunning accessory in it. Curly hair is optimal so leaving it down and not including plenty style could be effective too. :3

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    keep it straight by combing it everyday. keep it curly by curling it everyday. dont perm or youll just mess up your hair. you waste money too. shampoo with baby shampoo or heads and shoulder. or anything good,pantene, that stuff, goes with any colored hair

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    put it in a bun then put fake hair on it

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    some good natural locks

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