What is a good frog that won't bite you if handled and doesn't get that big?

I would like a frog but to many of them (So i've heard) Bite and won't tolerate being handled. Does anybody know a frog that matches my specifications or something similiar


Too answer everybodys Questions i'm refering to the Pacman frog about the biting

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    Commonly found in many pet shops, Fire bellied toads make nice pets. They are green with black spots on top and red with black spots underneath. A word of caution though, some people get irritated skin from handling them because they secrete a mild toxin.

    White's Tree Frogs make excellent pets. Some get to be hand sized but this frog is very gentle. They sit like a bump on a log until feeding time and then you'll see action.

    It is essential to use declorinated water with both frogs, as they are extremely sensitive to water pollutants. Hands should be clean and lotion and soap free as well, before handling, for the frog's sake. As a professional animal retailer, I do not recommend keeping animals taken from the wild, especially Green Tree Frogs. All endemic frog and toad populations are decreasing. If you get a frog from the wild, please keep only a few days and then release back to the wild. In my state it is illegal to sell Green Tree Frogs to anyone without a permit. I have to obtain a permit to sell them as well. My state's conservation department doesn't want our endemic species polluted with those from other states.

    Source(s): Independent pet shop since 95.
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    Frogs should not be handled. They are pets to be looked at, not played with. Visit www.anapsid.org to find care sheets for various types of frogs. There are also groups on www.groups.yahoo.com for frog keepers who can give you advice.

    Aquatic frogs are very simple - I loved my African clawed frogs, and sometimes you can find them for adoption, too. However, they are illegal in some states.

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    Frogs are not great if you want to handle them. The chemicals we excrete can make them sick. They are cool to look at, but not really a pet that you can handle.

    If you want something you can handle, look at bearded dragons or maybe a corn snake.

    They get to be a pretty good sized, but not huge.

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    I used to have a really cool frog. I think it's called either a yellow-bellied, orange-bellied, or red-bellied frog. I'm not sure, sorry. But the belly looked more orange to me.

    They are totally friendly and don't bite. After mine was used to being held enough, he wasn't as reluctant to come into my hands. He died, but it was only because he escaped his cage...

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    Buy tadpoles and watch them grow into frogs. I actually bought tadpoles off of ebay. Bull frogs are nice pets, but they can become pretty large depending what you feed them.

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    American green tree frogs

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    I don't know, but frogs aren't really good for handling.

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    Get the kind that you can lick and get high from. That would be cool. Oh, and frogs don't bite; they don't have teeth.

  • Anonymous
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    The kind in between a womans legs. Its New Years. Go try to catch one son.

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