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How much harder is the floor of the UFC cage compared to the Pride ring floor?

In ufc I see guys get knocked out when there heads get slammed into the the cage floor but not in pride

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    I cant really say how much harder one is to the other as I've neither been inside the UFCs Octagon nor Prides ring.

    However, I've taken this from a recent Fedor interview -

    Q: Fedor, were you hurt by that terrible throw by Randleman? I trained sambo myself, and I felt like my soul was knocked out of me after such slams.

    A: It really wasn’t anything. There was no damage to my health at all.

    Q: Is the ring surface similar to tatami?

    A: No, it’s harder.

    So there you have it - its harder than Judo Tatami mats - which are infact quiet dense, and if your gonna believe anyone you wanna take it from Fedor. If you've not seen the Fedor Randleman fight

    Click here -

    Youtube thumbnail

    How the hell he ever gets up from this - let alone spank Randleman, is beyond belief!!

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    alot. they do it for blood because that's what the people want. UFC doesn't really have rules. Pride has some.

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    PRIDE fighters are tougher than UFC fighters...


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    Don't know, both floors are padded though .

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