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If you take a vow of silence for a long time, can it mess up your voice when you finally speak again?

When a car hasn't been used for a long, long time...it doesn't work as well when you start it up again. Does that happen with your voice?

Just curious.

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    The vocal muscles are probably similar to other muscle groups...if they are not used, they relax. Although, this is one of the most thought provoking questions that I have found this evening, I cannot answer with any degree of certainty. I have been using my voice for well over 40 years.

    From a theorethical standpoint, if one has conditioned oneself to not speak...they would probably be less inclined to speak once the vow of silence period ceases. What we say often enables others to classify us and defines our ideals, standards, and goals. If one is silent, only one's actions would be used to accomplish some record of acknowledgment.

    Possibly slower speech would be a side effect of not having spoken for an extended length of time. I believe that the ability to form words and make sentences would be as good as they were (unless better) than before the vow was taken.


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    My experience with deaf clients tells me that no, you will not "lose" your voice if you do not use it for long periods of time.

    Even though many of the clients cannot speak as we hearing define speaking, they are still able to enunciate and make vocal emanations similar to speaking. Most of them do not use their voices when communicating with other deaf friends but are able to produce sound when needed.

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    Yes, it does. But the feeling goes away quickly. Usually, you just sound hoarse until you get back into it.

  • my husband often doesn't talk for days, clear your throat, and say what you want to say. my guy has a very deep voice so its surprising but really nice.

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    no i don't think it would,once a person knows how they never forget,people who wish they could talk would wonder why anyone would want to do this I bet.

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