What is the difference between 'AA' & 'AS?'?

I know AA means Applied Arts, and AS means Applied Science, but what is the difference between the 2?


Marcy, I am not talking about 4th grade art where you make a picture out of construction paper for your mommy.

If you were old enough, you would automatically know that these refer to college degrees.

Update 2:

'Hope This Helps,' No, not too much info. It was actually more than I was looking for! I wish I had known some of that years ago... Thank you.

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    Okay - here we go...

    As with MOST education issues, this depends on the state in which you live. But typically...

    Both the AA and the AS are 2-year degrees (as opposed to the BA, and the BS, which are 4-year degrees.) These degrees are awarded by 2-year colleges (i.e. "community college" or "junior college.")

    The AA degree is an academic program of study, and usually/often preparation for tranfer to a university. For example, Joe Smith would go to Valencia Community College (Orlando) for 2 years, get his AA, and then attend the University of Florida to study for his BA or BS. Coursework for an AA degree is similar to the last 2-years of high school - English, history, science, etc.

    The AS degree is a technical/vocational program of study. Many AS degrees are "terminal" degrees - in other words, that's the end of the road; you don't transfer to the university to study more. An example might be a local community college offering an AS in computer networking. This degree will probably require a couple of English and math classes, but most of the coursework will be in the subject/career area. Joe Smith would attend the local community college for 2 years, get his AS degree in computer networking, then go to work for a local business as a computer network technician.

    Sometimes people get an AA and and AS at the same time. This is possible at many community/junior colleges, but it requires disciplined course selection (and maybe a couple of extra classes.) The AA program will require electives. The AA/AS student will take the required AS classes as electives in his AA program, thus fulfilling both requirements.

    A couple of important things to remember:

    1) Use you college ADVISOR (in high school, these are "guidance counselors," but in college they are very different.) They will get you on the right path, and provide a list of classes that you need to take to fulfill your degree requirements.

    2) There is a big difference between a PUBLIC college and a PRIVATE college. A private college might award any variety of AA and/or AS degrees. But - if you want to continue your education to 4 years (BA/BS), you need to make sure that the credits that you earn your first 2 years will transfer to the university level. For example, let's say that Joe goes to RealCool College - a private college, and earns the RealCool AA or AS degree in computer networking. After a couple of years of work, he decides that he wants a BS in computer science. But - he discovers that those RealCool College credits he earned are meaningless to the university, and he has to start all over again as a freshman!

    If you are considering a private 2-year college, and then a university, make sure to ask the UNIVERSITY if they accept the credits from the 2 year college.

    Okay - that was more info than you needed, but I Hope it Helps.

    Best of luck to you.

    Source(s): My college experience, 23 years of teaching, my daughter's college experience
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    Actually it's Associate of Arts or Associate of Science.

    Difference: The Arts folks have more liberal arts credits, the science folks have more science or technical credits.

  • so you don't know the difference between art and science??

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