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what's is the connection of taiwan earthquake to internet?

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    that earthquake caused a lot damages on the fiber optics (big cables) that are built under the oceans. these fiber optics are being used for telecommunications (phones and internet);

    after the earthquake, international calls and text are not possible, internet connection are crawling..etc...etc...

    Source(s): technical support of an ISP
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    Well I heard briefly on the news on tv (less than 5 pathetic minutes of report O_o) that the earthquake was quite large (6.4 on Richter scale to be exact), and it affected the whole country, especially in Taipei, the capital and centre (literally) of Taiwan. It was apparent that many buildings fell down, and even some houses. This meant many communication centres were down too, including the internet ones. So you can bet that some people won't be able to continue their daily routine of playing games online.

    Luckily, the communications damage was repaired soon enough, the phone lines worked again.

    I just had a thought: it happened the day after Christmas. If the earthquake happened in Europe, or a country where Christmas is regarded as a large celebration and event, it would probably make much bigger headlines than it has at the moment, since Taiwan doesn't regard Christmas as the most important event of the year... There'd be people saying "oh, those people were so unfortunate to have the earthquake occur at this time of the year", "Gosh, its so sad so many people died during the Christmas season", "What a way to end the festivities" etc. (there were very few reports on the earthquake here in NZ)

    Oh well. At least only 200 people died that day...

    Source(s): The little amount of news reports that were available here.
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    a) Undersea fiber optic cables that route through taiwan got damaged. Changhua telecom (the local big ISP) is working to get some boats out to repair the cables. Probably it will be all better after 2-6 weeks.

    b)the earthquake wasnt felt much in Taipei but rather in the south of the island. I personally got a bit shook in the middle of taiwan. 2 people died in the south when their (older, not standardized) house collapsed. A few people down in the south bit got injured i think like 40-ish (i could be wrong)

    c) the likely fallout will be China will want to lay more direct cables to usa bypassing taiwan. Most likely they will use fastest available lines and newest fiber optic advances... which is good news for all of us in the asia pacific region.

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    On 26th December, a powerful earthquake off Taiwan's coast affected Internet and telecommunication services, damaging several undersea cables shared by international telecommunication companies. This has resulted in either a slowdown or lack of Internet connection for many online users in the Asian region, including Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

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    The telecom was down for some time.

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