my cuban tree frog wont eat?

my cuban tree frog will not eat the crickets i give him. i have him in a 20 gallon tank with 2 other frogs & a toad & they eat just fine. i have to take a round edge card & gently stick it in his mouth then force the cricket in. i have been doing this since ive had him. it is really hard to do this since he is so slipery & does not enjoy it. i watch him very closely & he just stays in one corner of the tank & never moves. i let him go a week without doing this & he never ate. i thought he might actually die since he had not ate & was getting really weak so i had to start again. even when i get the cricket in he tries to spit it out. he will use his tounge to push it out & when i stick my finger in front of his mouth he uses his little hands to pull it out. this is really hard to do & i dont like doing it & i want to stop without starving him.i also have this same problem with my grey tree frog but he is easier to feed! please help im scared i might hurt him. please help me with them!!!

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  • Amanda
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    1 decade ago
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    He might be stressed by the other tankmates. Try separating him for awhile in another tank (with the right conditions) and see if this solves the problem. Also, is your tank the correct temperature and humidity? Are the crickets too big or too small? Are you using UVB/UVA lighting? Also, you may try using another type of food, like worms, flies, etc. Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    just try switching up his diet a little. i have 3 frogs and i feed them meal worms that can be found at a local pet store...maybe he wants change...if it keeps happening and he appears to be unhealthy like getting skinnier, not croaking, or not hopping around as much as usual i would suggest getting serious help

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