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Do think Michelle Kwan or Irina Slutksyla, spl or both can come back from the time off the ice for 2010 Olympi

cs in Vancouver, Canada or its a long slot for both of them. Michelle will be 29 and Irina would 31 when 2010 rolls around. Personally, I prefer Michelle over Irina and its hard to explain I feel that way.

Thank you.

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    Anything is always possible. Maria Butryskaya won the world title in 1999 when she was 29.

    However figure skating has changed alot in the last few years with the new scoring system and there is alot of competition from young jumping beans like Mao Asada, Yu Na Kim, Miki Ando and Kimmie Meissner all who are capable of the triple axel.

    I would say that Slutskaya has a better chance than Kwan since she can do a triple-triple combination, however she has also battled illness over the years.

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    I know not MIscelle Kwan but probally not for irina


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    she hasn't planned on retiring, but it will be hard for her considering her injury, and she has said that she wouldn't be competing during the 06-07 season

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