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Which of these superb players should I pick to buy? It's really hard to choose guys, so which one are you?

The 1st player:-

- Sony branded Mp3 player

- Stores data and musics up to capacity of 512 MB

- High speed charge, for 3 min charge = 3 hours play

- 28H playback with Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

- Organic EL Display with 1Line Dot Matrix, single colour display

- ATRAC/MP3/WMA/*AAC* Playback

- Time/Calendar Indication

- 5 colours to choose from = Green, Violet, Blue, Black, Pink

- Charged directly through the USB

- More expensive

The 2nd player:-

- Not so branded Mp4 player

- Stores data, musics, videos and images up to 1GB!

- Charging is not as that High Speed of Sony Mp3 Player

- Unknown hours of playbacks, play while the battery lasts

- Using organic colours for the display as that iPod

- MP3/WMA/*AAC*/MP4 Playback

- Built-in voice recorder, Time/Calendar Indication

- Only 1 colour availabled = Silver

- Charged directly through the USB

- More cheaper

Availabled in Malaysia only

So, do you choose because of the capacity, brand, style, features or popularity?

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    I think you should buy the second player.

    If you don't use the video part of the second player, then you'll have more space for music and images. :) It also has a voice recorder and a time/calendar indication thing, which is pretty good.

    There are two problems:

    1. It only comes in one color :(

    2. It might be phony and in it'll break soon after you start using it. It's cheaper than the Sony MP3 Player, it has more space, and it has a voice recorder. To me, it just seems a little too good to be true...

    But, I still think you should try the second player first, and if it's messed up, then return it and buy the Sony one.

    Good luck~!!! ^_^

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    Buy the's a trusted may be more expensive but you can always easily return if it is ever necessary.

    Good luck and happy listening.

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    get a zune

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