Is love at first sight real?

I've been dating this guy for a week (exactly) and he's all I can think about, and vice versa. We've already started calling each other "baby." We hardly know each other, but every second I'm not with him, that's all I can think about; just bieng in his arms. Am i blinded by "a new guy," or am I falling in love?

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  • nemo
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    1 decade ago
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    Yes it is! And it sounds like you have the prize example of it. True love is from God. I'm a Christian, I believe in God! And for that reason I believe that there is love at first sight. God sometimes maybe lets people (like me) see right away who He intended them to love and marry. Love is different with everyone because we are all different! You can't describe true love for anyone! Everyone's experience of loving or being in love is totally unique. Because we area all unique!

    I am so tired of the people that say smugly, "i believe in lust at first sight" because they don't know. I don't have problems with lust, and I have experienced that feeling of "wow, look, there he is, the guy I was created for". I just looked at his eyes from the side and I got that feeling. I wasn't looking at his body at all.

    Please believe me- that even if it hasn't happened to you, or never will, it is POSSIBLE

    Please do not listen to these other people. Although they mean well, I know personally that there can be real, true, lasting love (not LUST or INFATUATION! Boy am I sick of those dumb words! People just use them to sound grownup and wierd and fancy shmancy! {not to "dis" you other folks, but that's what it seems like to me :)} at first meeting- and yes, even at first sight. As to what it feels like... everyone is totally different. If you think you are in love, and you love someone very much, more than any one else, than you ARE in love- for the time being. You may, who knows, some day, find someone else who you will be able to love even more. Not because you didn't love the first one- you did, as much as you could at the time. But each new person you fall in love with you seem to be able to love more. Who can say whether we are all in love a dozen times in our life, or if we only "really" love one of those people, or if we never "truly" loved any of them? Love is different for every person, at every different time. Sometimes it makes you sad, sometime it makes you happy, sometime insecure, sometimes confident. No one knows. But if you think you're in love, then tell yourself you are and go with your emotions, whether you become mournfully melancholy or exuberantly happy. There is nothing sweeter than feeling something deeply and telling yourself you're in love, whether it's for an hour or a lifetime- or eternity.

    I fell in love from first sight with someone I only met once a year ago. I still am. For many reasons in a long story, we can't contact each other, nor do we "date" so there isn't a questions of all that "faithfulness" junk. But I knew at the first second that I was made for him and someday God will see we marry and live happily ever after. Sometime I will type up the whole story and post it on every "love at first sight" page and question and blog in the whole wide internet. Again, I am not saying that love at first sight is the only right kind of love. Maybe you will hate the person you eventually fall in love with! Maybe it will take you years to gradually love them! Who knows? I am not saying that it is the only true kind of love. With some people, it may take a while to fall in love with their soulmate. But love at first sight is so very possible! Sometimes the good Lord is kind enough to show you right away. Like he showed me. The moment I saw him standing there, I knew all about him. His character- how kind and sweet he was, how helpful and patient. And don't say I was judging a book by its cover. Later in the day I met up with him again and talked to him for five hours at that wedding reception. And my first impression- that split second thought of "this is who I was created for and am meant to marry" was strengthened. And he is in my every thought and dream. I don't give a passing thought or glance to anyone else- it's just out of the question. I’ve only seen him only 3 times over the years. It’s been so long. But I still love him! I do! It’s real! I fell in love when I was only 13. But that’s how old Juliet was, and it was love at first sight and no one questions her! No one says “Oh, Juliet was so dumb, she didn’t REALLY love romeo, she just killed herself because she THOUGHT she did”. Why should you say that about me?

    There is love at first sight.

    Not lust.

    Not infatuation.

    Not a crush.

    Not a passing attraction.

    Real, true, lasting, beautiful, perfect love.


    Source(s): I wish you a long and happy life together!
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    First of all, I believe in love at first sight but I also believe that you are very luck if the first-sighted-love feels the same way. That having been said, you are in the infatuation stage of a relationship. That cannot last. You need to give it time to know if you've found the right one long term. You definitely love him -- and I assume he loves you -- but long-term it is too soon to tell. Think about what you two actually have in common. Do you both seem to like the same things? Have the same social and political attitudes? What do you two actually have in common. Being in love isn't just thinking about someone all the time, it's about doing things for someone without even thinking about it. It's habit and memories and long-term goals. Give it some time.

  • 4263
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    1 decade ago

    It's most likely passion and chemistry.........not true love so soon. Most romance starts this way..........physical attraction, but don't be fooled. It's a person's character that will mean the most in the long term.

    Someone can be handsome or beautiful, but if they are mean, rude, uncaring, self centered.......then their looks don't make up for how they act. Even if they are caring at first, that can change.......even a year is not enough to really know how a person is inside . Small character faults can turn big later on.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I fell in love at first sight, but this is the term I use to encompass this situation: met a new coworker and began to work with her. In passing in the hallway the very first time, she introduced herself to me and shook my hand, after wards she also smiled at me consistently every time she saw me, she was always nice and courteous to me. Her first smile and handshake make me think of her afterwards and it just progressed from there, that because she was beautiful and consistently nice to me, she encouraged me to smile, always friendly, never flirtatious... overall, I fell in love or what I perceive as love with her. From her perspective, she was just being nice, because she never gave me any indication that she liked me more than a coworker. I believe I put all the random pieces together in my head and formed a picture of love. After 8 months of no longer working together, I left the job, I am finally getting over the intense tug I felt deep within my body every time I even thought of her. In looking back, I don't know what you call the experience I had. Was it love? I don't know, but it was something intense. The only way I can describe it is "love at first sight".

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  • 1 decade ago

    Love at first sight is real. But some times it is not true love its just puppy love. One week is not a long time. I think the best thing to do is give it time. If it is true love the kind that will last for a life time it just gets better. but you have to remember to listen to you head and your heart. Think about if you are going to be happy together in the long run not just today. Take it slow really get to know he if her love you like you love him he will understand, because your feeling will mean more to him then his own. good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    it could be a little bit of both. i felt the same way when i met my boyfriend. i felt like i was in love with him. then i realized i lusted after him. i was in puppy love. i believe in love at first sight. i think that it is beautiful for two people to know that they are in love and they are together forever. i think it is sweet what is going on between you and your new guy. just try not to be blinded by the feelings that you have. try to make the best choices and be safe.

  • JC
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    1 decade ago

    New relationships always start out this way so theres really no way to tell you one way or the other.

    My hubby says it was love at first sight (I took a little longer, less than a month though). So yeah, its possible.

    Source(s): Married 18 years
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    Not sure of your age............but it could be either.

    I've fallen in love with men I've known for less than 24 hours who have ended up being the WORST relationship I've ever had (he broke my nose) and I've fallen in love with men I've known since I was 9 (my husband) who I always thought was "just a friend" until then. So......... ENJOY THIS RELATIONSHIP but stay realistic!!!

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    It sounds like love to me! After almost ten years, my wife and I are still like that. When we are apart, all we think about is being with each other. If you find something this special, then hold on to it.

  • T Time
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    1 decade ago

    both - you are falling in love with a new guy -

    be careful, because you have already admitted to being "blinded"

  • 1 decade ago

    yes it is real. however you should try to make sure that it is not infatuation or rebound. just follow your heart and observe the guy to see if his actions match his words.

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