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How do you find out how long someone's been a member of Yahoo?

How do you find out when they created the account and member since on yahoo? I'm NOT talking about Yahoo Answers.

Someone told me awhile ago that they can tell I just created an account. I don't know if she's hacking me or what. How do you find out? This was long before Yahoo Answers.

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    Usually, you can look in someone's profile to tell how long that profile has been created and how long someone has been a member of Yahoo! If your profile makes that available, you can go into your profile and change it. For instance, look at this profile:

    Notice on the left right under where a photo would go that there are 2 dates. One tells when the profile was last modified. The other tells how long that person has been a Yahoo! member.

    There are also certain behaviors that Yahoo! newbies have. Some examples are not using a profile, or leaving Yahoo! Messenger loaded all the time.

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    If they have a Yahoo profile looking at that would be a good start.

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