Do I have a faulty RAM slot?

For about the first 6 months I had my computer, it ran perfectly. Then it started randomly crashing. I continued to send error reports to Microsoft when I rebooted, but I didn't get any information. It would tell me that it was a problem with my power, CPU, RAM, or Hard Drive. They finally figured out it was my RAM. I only have one RAM slot filled, so I ran Windows Memory Diagnostic, and I got a bunch of errors. I switched it to the second (of 2) slots on my motherboard, and no errors. I'm assuming it was just the slot, but how can I be sure? Do I eventually need to replace my motherboard if I want more RAM (rather than just replacing the old stick)? I need help!

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    Go to start

    right-click "My Computer"

    click properties

    Your RAM will under computer

    What is it? Give that in the additional details.

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    the slot where the ram was causing the errors may have dust or dirt in it or it may be a manufacturing fault.

    get a can of compressed air (sometimes called keybopard cleaner but it does so much more). and a good SOFT natural fibre brush. now use while you spray the compressed air into the slot usew the brush to dust away anything that may still remain.

    as for the stick of ram you have if that is 1GB then you may need to get a new board if cleaning the socjket has no effect.

    it could be that a pin or two on the ram was or is dirty or not connected properly, if it is damaged as a result of a manufacturing fault then you have a case for demanding a replacement. and it is not microsoft you should have been emailing it is your system board manufacturer who ever that is.

    try running the diagnostic program built in to the systems BIOS.(on some newer boards only) this can be set by looking for it in the list of options in the bios settings. you only need to do it once so remeber to deactivate it when it has completed the test.

    test the same chip in the both slots. if you get the same errors on both slots it is the memmory module that is at fault. if only one slot produces the fault then it is the system board at fault and so needs to be replaced or sent off for repair as soon as possible.

    if under guarantee you can get the board repaired for free (although you may have to pay out bound postage and packing).

    if the board was part of a system and not as a custom or seperate build then your first call or email should be to the service department for them to take action and get you to send in your computer. remeber to remove your hard drive(s) if they have sensitive information on them as in all likely hood you may not get back the same computer you returned and the hard drive may be earased and restored during the repair process.

    good luck.

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    If could be that the RAM was not seated properly. The only true way to tell if RAM is bad is to have it tested with a hardware tester.

    Try the RAM in the original slot again and see if the problem returns.

    If you've had the computer for 6 months it should eb under warranty unless you build it yourself.

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    Server ram is designed in yet in any different case to laptop ram because it has errors checking and correction. It has 9 chips as against eight and could no longer artwork in laptop desktops. in spite of the undeniable fact that installation one shouldn't make your slots quit working. Its extra suitable than probable that when changing them over you have presented airborne dirt and dirt or gunk into the slot - get a bicycle pump and blow out the slots (it does not introduce moisture). set up one memory module interior the traditional slot first and if it works set up the subsequent until all modules are in. turn on the laptop when you have put in each and each module to learn if each and every thing is effective. in case you have a topic you will comprehend which slot or module is inflicting it. be sure you placed in them interior the suitable order (twin channel, triple channel etc - shop on with the colour code). in case you particularly have broken the slots then sure you will might desire to purchase a clean motherboard. The slots are merely banks of plastic with the electrical powered connectors soldered to the motherboard so in case you comprehend sufficient approximately electronics you're able to desire to change one out yet its not often relatively surely worth the attempt.

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    You possible could need a new motherboard. I have seen it as simple as cleaning the gold connectors on the module, to remove tarnish. Try placing it back in the 0 slot and see if it works now. Use a pencil eraser to clean the RAM module's contacts.

    You could still have a bad module. Have you tried Mem86 memory test?

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    bet heres something nobody thought about, if the memory is gold plated,and the connectors on the ram socket are tin, thats the source of your problem. tin and gold will corrode in each others presence.signs of the corrosion will be memory error,crashing,lockups,etc. you can read more about this in scott muellers upgrading and repairing pc's. the only true fix if this is your problem is to match gold with gold, tin with tin,no other combination will work correctly

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    you can put it back and you won't have any problem, what you did when you pull it out, you erase errors because once out there is not powered so, that might happen and if problems keep same as before you might need to replace your memory card.

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