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How I could do to change my signature? ie How to change mine?

I ask difficultly someone this question, because I'm deaf. Please

answer clearer more details as best as you can. Many thanks.

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    on your "inbox" page, on the right there is an "options" link, click on it. there should be three columns. under "management," one choice says "signature." click on that and you will be able to change your signature. :)

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    Do you want to change your nickname for Yahoo! Answers, E-Mail, or Messenger??

    Here is all three>



    To change your nickname for Yahoo! Answers>

    >click on your image (in Yahoo! Answers)

    >click on 'Edit My Info' (in blue letters, beneath your image)

    >scroll down to the 'Nickname' section

    >check 'O Use another nickname'

    >enter another nickname in the input bar

    >scroll down to and click on the blue 'Preview' button

    >scroll down to and click on the blue 'OK' button



    To change your outgoing email name>

    >Go to your email box

    >click on 'Options' (upper right, horizontal list of options, blue letters)

    >scroll down to and click on 'General Preferences' (second column, blue letters)

    >scroll down to the 'Name and Email' section

    >change name in the 'From name: [_____________]' form

    >click on the 'Save' button (top left, under 'Mail' tab)



    To change your display name in Messenger>

    Quick fix:

    >login to Yahoo! Messenger

    >click on 'Messenger'

    >click on 'My Contact Details'

    >at the top is 'Name:'>

    >*complete all three name fields (to stop Yahoo! Messenger from accessing the details in Yahoo! Account information)

    *if you only edit your Nickname nothing will change, your first and last name will be displayed from your Account Information

    *if you only edit your First Name, your Last Name will be extracted from your Account Information

    *if you only edit your Last Name, your First Name will be extracted from your Account Information

    If you change your My Contact Details within Yahoo! Messenger you must edit all 3 required fields (First, Last and Nickname) to prevent both your First and Last Names showing, or a mixed combination of them.

    Just because you can't see your First and Last Name details in Yahoo! Messenger doesn't mean other people can't.

    Add yourself to your own friends list, right click on your username in the list, select Contact Details and see what information is being sent out

    or head to Messenger > Preferences > Appearance (category) under For each contact on the messenger list show their: and select Nickname or First and Last Name, hit Apply, hit OK and recheck what your friends list displays.

    If you have accepted or sent out, requests to add to friends lists, and your First / Last Names are showing, the user will need to delete you from their Yahoo! Messenger friends list AND their address book to remove this information, you are not able to do this yourself, nor does updating your own details impact on what they already have.!_First_and_Last_Name...


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