If my son is 5'10 at age 15 How Tall will he be when he turns 18?

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    There's no formula for that. He may grow another couple of inches, or he may not. Some guys get their growth spurt around 14 and then don't get much taller. Some get a growth spurt in their early teens, then slack off, and then get another growth spurt at around 17. It just depends on family history. Ask around and see when the men in the family stopped growing. That's a better indicator than what anyone on here will be able to tell you.

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    It depends on the genetics.

    He could get to 5'10 and stop there or he good get 2-3 or more inches.Look around at the people in your side of the family and on your husband's side of the family.

    Did anyone stop growing at age 15?Did anyone continue to grow in heigth after the age of 18?

    These things are all just hard to tell.

    BTW.....my son isn't much shorter than that and he is also 15...his father is 6'3.............so we w ill see when we get there.

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    Happy New Year!!

    If his growth plates have not closed then a local ortho guy can tell you for sure.

    It is basically an xray and NON-evasive and runs about $100.

    I trained a girl and she had one done at 14 when she was 5'2" and the GPS said 5'8".

    She is now a Jr. in college, starting Keeper for a DI school and 5'8".

    It's NOT the test but the ability of the reader so pick a sports ortho guy.

    The guy that I reccomended, put me back together for years so i knew he was good, actually GREAT.

    Ask the coach who the team doctor guy is and go with him/her; coaches seems to know this stuff.


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    Double his height from Age 3

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    I'd say 6'2-4 at the most your doc can probably miser your son and tell you

    I'm 14 and 6'0 tall but my doc side i broadly won't stop growing tell I'm about 21 so i mightt reach 6'8 at the most that migh happen to your son

    Source(s): my doctor
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    Depends on genes. How tall are the people in his family? I've heard people can grow until age 25.

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    They raised the growth age from eighteen to twenty-two yrs. of age for boys. Judging from his height at this age I would say he will easily be a six footer by eighteen years of age.

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    No telling your son may be done growing or needs to grow more look at his gandfathers for your best answer

    Source(s): I was 5'10 at 15 and now im 6'3 at 21
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    If you want the best answer you are going to want to talk to his doctor. His doctor should have a chart of how he has grown over time. So if you want the best answer talk to his doctor.

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    It depends on how tall you and your husband are, as well as how fast he has grown already.

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