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Mail Preview on Home Page?

I thought I was crazy but called anyway and my mail preview worked once and not since and tech support could not help level 1 & 2. I asked why my other email accounts could and they have no answers. If someone knows how to fix this problem, please let me know. I created another account and that one works fine. It's just the master account for some reason decided to quit. I talked to online support and they were useless. They always say that something is corrupt and to uninstall and reinstall. If it was corrupt why would my other account still work.

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    Sorry, it is just part of the glitch in Yahoo!'s new format.

    Server Farm incompatibility is usually the problem.

    Thousands are having many different problems with their e-mail.

    This applies to almost all areas of mail (including signing in, composing, receiving, sending, attachments, photos, etc.),

    Yahoo! is wrapping up a few remaining compatibility issues between Yahoo! Mail Beta (beta testing lasts for at least 6 months!!!) and the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.

    1. You will have less problems with original mail if you sign in via Messenger! Go to preferences, general, then check box: Automatically sign me in when I click a Yahoo! link in Messenger.

    2. Or if you don't have Yahoo Messenger:

    Beta wouldn't let me in so I went to beta help and it said to click on my toolbar mail icon. So I did and it worked!

    3. Or if you don't have beta mail: can be used to sign into Yahoo!, then put yahoo back into the address bar and hit go. It will take you back to Yahoo! and you can open mail normally. Otherwise, you can open mail in wap, but it is blind. I had to go through wap each time I logged in.

    I hoope this helps you.


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    I truthfully have the similar. I really have a MyYahoo internet web site for far less then a month, so i idea it had to do with something of my configuration. it extremely works after i elect 'replace' in my calender field, then i'm getting my calendar and mails on MyYahoo internet web site...

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