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Saddam. Dead?

I may sound crazy here, but watching Saddams hanging, you see his eyes blink. They never show you his body, anyone else think he might be alive? I am not one of those guys that thinks the government is horrible and is out to get us, but this is kind of wierd. He was "executed" in his home country, any one else think they could have spared his life? To make sure that m0therfocker is dead i want to see his body, have three of his family members weeping, have his grandma there (doesn't count as a family member) to make sure it is him, and i want to see the hanging HERE and watch him die, never leave his sight, watch him be put in the casket, and watch over his grave for 15 hours to make sure he is dead.

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    You could be right. He might be alive, but then where the hello is he? And, what incentive do they have for letting him be alive? Some Americans and British should have witnessed the hanging.

    I don't know if they did or not.

    I do know that as long as politicians of any stripe are involved, something crooked could be going on. So Yeah, Saddam could be alive.

  • Well a decapitated persons head often times blinks after separation is what I have heard. That seems to be unverifiable after a few minutes of research though. Yet maybe when someone is hanged they can blink as well?

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    He is alive. He has been taken to Area 51. There is a secret compound there where Lee Harvey Oswald lives. They now share that compound.

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    Thats what i like approximately you -you-tube- conspiracy nuts, inspite of video info, you question it. he's lifeless. Whats next, we did no longer land on the moon, there wasn't a holocaust? the place does it end?

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    I couldn't watch an execution, so didn't see what you speak of.

    I see the conspiracy theories have already started.

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    Here is the link to the execution video. BE WARNED, IT SHOWS THE FULL AND GRAPHIC EXECUTION

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    I guess it isn't too much to ask for proof,,,

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    I wondered that myself.

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    He is dead. Period.

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