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Would you watch a show like this:


It's about a person who discovers a gigantic supercomputer in New York, under an abandoned mansion. In the supercomputer, he found a virtual world of New York, the whole entire thing.

In the virtual world, are entities called Agents who are trying to get into the real world for some evil or cruel purpose.

The person then call down 5 friends and tell them about this discovery. And now they are going to stop the Agent's plan by putting them in a scanner and send their minds into the virtual world.

In the real world, everything is filmed in live action and in the virtual world, it's all 3D.

And they have weapons like: Sais, Samurai Swords, Guns, Hand to Hand combat?

Would you watch this show?


Man, that's it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No, but my husband probably would.

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