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how can u tell if a cat is pregnent or not?????

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    well when it poops out some babies you will know.

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    The first signs of pregnancy in a cat dont usually appear until about 3 weeks in to it. The nipples will began to become enlarged and pinkish in color. But by the 4th week the abdomen will start to swell and the swelling of the nipples will become very noticable. Cats are usually pregnant for about 61-70 days depending on the cat.

    Source(s): The Encyclopedia of The Cat. Book I own that I got at Barnes and Noble. I used it when my cat was pregnant.
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    ok while human beings ask this question alot of folk say your a irresponsible puppy proprietor so basically overlook approximately them or provide them a thumbs down it somewhat is what I do. oftentimes you may tell as a results of fact there nipples get swollen and purple then they get fat and act all smoochy and friendly, around a month or so they are going to start up searching for a place to have there kittens so they are going to crawl below the mattress or interior the blankets, in outfits attracts, everywhere they think of is sturdy like below a cuboard. If this doesen't answer your question take her to the vet they are going to comprehend. After the kittens are born i could get right here fastened. Goodluck :-)

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    I would take the cat to the vet. That is the only way to tell 4 sure!

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    For the first while you probably won't have a clue you're kitty is pregnant. Nearing the third week however, her nipples start to enlarge and suddenly you notice her swollen belly. I swear, one mintue they look slender and the next they are fat and swollen.

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    Swollen teats, larger belly, doesnt go into should know soon the pregancy only lasts 2-3 months

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    Her nipples will be bigger than usual and if you feel right where her back legs start on her stomach and hold your hand there for a while you might feel a baby or two.

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    bigger belly, hidden in a corner, or a small cozy place to stay. away from noises and other people.

  • gestation is 65- 69days, if no kittens by then , not pregnant

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