Where can i find an older guy for a bf and as a father figure?

i'm 15. and it's not like i'm gonna have sex with him so whats the problem?

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    Look at a really older man who has no sexual interest in you as a father figure, be it an uncle, or whatever. You do not want to confuse romantic love or sexual feelings with father figures, its going to screw you up and give your boyfriend too many problems. For a boyfriend find a friend, a companion, a soulmate, someone you have lots in common with. You are not going to want a father figure boyfriend, you want an equal.

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    I am so confused as to why you would want this, first off your probly never going to find an older man willing to be your boyfriend who is not going to want sex or cheat on you to get it if your not sorry wont happen, also why would you want a boyfriend to be a father figure I need more info here on that part of it, none of these things go together at all your going to need different people for each of these needs you shouldnt put them together and again with the no sex thing your not going to when you get older and are doing that you'll be doing things and putting things together that are going to make your issues worse if you dont resolve them now, I suggest talking to a therapist, Good Luck Kimbur

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    Mmmmm. pick one. You should keep your boyfriends and father figures separate. Really. It gets all messed up in your head if you combine the two.... and you'll be spending oodles of money and time on a therapist's couch down the line. You want a father figure? Research the Boys & Girls Club of America. They can help you. You want a boyfriend? Meet someone your own age. Let me tell you, if an older man is hanging out with a 15 year old... it does NOT look good. I don't care WHAT you say about NOT sleeping together. You will jeopardize HIS reputation and future. Don't.

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    i'm confused by your question. why would you want a an older man as a boyfriend and a father figure? you are young and you should try to give boys your age the chance to get close to you. 15 is a young age. start off with the guys your age. older men who you look at as a potential boyfriend and father figure is a bad idea. he could get controling on you and violent and your so young. why would you want to sleep with someone you look to as your father? i think that you are trying to grow up way too fast and you just need to learn to be a teenager. just because you think you are mature doesn't mean that you are.

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    I suppose in your eyes there is no problem being an older male and being around a bit I would just consider an older male friend at first I can possibly understand you saying not like you are going to have sex with him I think it would also depend if you have been sexually active prior to this !! I suppose in this day and age depends how much you trust chat lines !!

    surely up to 18 years old would satisfy your curiosity

    I also think there would be quite a few ifs and buts !!

    just some friendly advice


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    Wake up and wise up GIRL!!! Any older man who messes with a 15 year old is only there for sex and that is just sick. He will use you. . abuse you .. . and drop you for the next flavor of the week. It is against the law for a father to screw his child. . .and it should be against the law for a father figure to screw a child. ANY man who wants to take advantage of a father figure role and be a boyfriend as well is a scumbucket loser jerk wad. ALmost all men who fall into this role are limp wanged losers who can't please a woman their own age!!! Also. . . 99.9% of the time the young girl like yourself is pressured into sex by the predator scumbucket older man!! WIse up and find a real father figure. . . your father figure should never be your boyfriend. . .if you keep looking for this you will never have anything but a complete loser for a boyfriend or father figure. Good luck!

  • can i ask y u want a bf n as a father figure? dont get me wrong age is only a number. i just dont think a man would want to b a bf n b looked at as a father figure. i dont think my man would anyway. i just like older guyus because they r more mature then the younger ones. but, i dont look at them as a father figure. but, u can always try in chat rooms. gotta watch these days though. because police/cops r lookin 4 guys like that going after girls ur age & younger....good luck & b extremely careful!

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    if your father figure was not a good one don't look for a father figure. a bf can never compare to a father. expecally if your daddy was everything a father should be. a good father would never want anything but the very best for his daughter and that means being treated like a queen.

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    i might say wait until your sixteen. maximum older adult adult males desire no longer something to do with you, in the experience that your no longer a minimum of sixteen if no longer 18. merely because of the fact of legal motives. i'm 19 and characteristic a bf it is plenty older than me, with the aid of 24 years and he's absolutley magnificent. It relatively helps in the experience that your mature and seem a sprint older than you're to allure to an older guy. yet do be warned there are various older adult adult males obtainable with toddlers and divorces, that can make issues confusing. yet shop on with heart and love can bloom interior the main unpredicted places. good success with your seek. Sherry

  • wow,that is a very interesting question,because if you do not know what a father figure is,then you are going to be taken advantage of,and a real father figure would never think of you as a gf.i am a real Father of one boy and five girls and was very protective.i am sorry that you do not have a father figure in your life.my advice to you would be for you to live your own life and study hard to become someone and to be happy.the road you looking down is a very unhappy road.stop,look,listen and choose another road.

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