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how can you tell the difference betwween a really bad cold and allergies?

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    Colds are short in duration. If you spend a lot of the year sneezing and itching your eyes and using terms like "summer cold", its allergies. If it clears up and goes away, it was a cold.

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    The difference in the color of the mucus is the real sign. If the stuff coming out is clear, it is usually an allergy. If it has any color to it at all, it is a bad cold. If you have a fever, it's more than likely a cold with infection and it should be treated with antibiotics. Also, colds do go away. If you've been yucky for more than a month, it's probably an allergy. Either way, there are very good OTC medicines that will treat one or the other and some, both. Your best bet would be to go to the doctor.

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    typically feature a clear nasal discharge with sneezing.

    There may be itchy, watery eyes and/or a dry cough.

    Often parents notice a "rabbit nose" -- a child crinkling her nose to relieve the itchy sensation inside.

    The "allergic salute" -- rubbing the nose with the hand, sometimes leaving a horizontal crease on the nose -- is another common sign.

    "Allergic shiners" -- dark circles under the eyes -- have long been associated with allergies, but are less predictive than the other symptoms.


    Colds will often begin with a clear nasal discharge, but after several days it usually turns creamy, yellow, or green for a time.

    Sneezes tend to be more productive, and coughs sound wetter than with allergies.

    If the eyes are involved, one or both of them usually turn pink, with a discharge that matches that in the nose.

    A fever may be present.

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    Colds usually consist of a cough, and chest congestion. Allergies are usually stuffy nose, runny nose, itchy and watery eyes.

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    It's hard I know but the allergy usually comes with alot of sneezing and puffy watery eyes.

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    Ok, so this is gross, but the color of the mucus should tell you. Clear mucus signifies allergies (i.e. lack of infection), colored (green, yellow, etc.)signifies infection

    Also, if you continue to seem to get "colds" during the same time every year, it might be allergies.

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  • Dew
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    my son has allergies and her are his symptom

    Itchy eyes


    bags under the eyes.

    dry throat

    Sensitive to lights

    Cold symptoms coughing

    runny or stuffy nose

    Ear ache

    Sore throat


    Body aches


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