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Why do most people believe that all Africans look the same?

I am a first generation Nigerian-American and when I tell people that my family is originally from Africa that are shocked. Most of time African Americans don't want to believe it because as they say I'm not blue-black with a broad nose and very thick lips. A lot of White people say that I have European or Caucasian features and that I'm probably mixed. I don't understand why people think that Black people can only look one way and if they don't it must be because of White admixture, which isn't the case.

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    I am first generation Nigerian-American as well. This country is just filled with ignorant people. I am regarded as very beautiful and yet when I say I have the 100% original African blood, they need to believe that I'm part white or something. It's ridiculous and it's sad that the only way to be pretty is to be mixed with white blood. Don't worry, people like us know better. We're both beautiful Naijia women. We can show people the beauty that lies within Africa. God Bless!

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    The Nigerians that I went to college with had those exact features. Broad noses, full lips, and I'll add, very dark skin with very short hair. Even the women. Don't let it bother you. If the perception is wrong, it's because that's all I met. I didn't meet any Nigerians with European features. Here's your chance to educate people.

    Take care.

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    Any question containing absolutes such as "most" or "all" can't be considered as real inquiries. They are rhetorical questions, and the speaker just wants to announce something, or start an argument.

    A real inquiry would be worded something like, "Some people, both black and white, are surprised when they learn that I am originally from Africa. I have these features..(etc). Why do you think they are surprised?

    Hmmm. It seems that if you were to word your question like an inquiry, it might be obvious what the answer really is.

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    Not this white person The whites who msay that are disinterested in African Americans and don't take time to really notice the black people. As all ,whites do not look the same neither do African American or Asian/

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    What you describe is not a 'racial' issue, but an 'American' thing.

    My co-worker Barbara comes from Ghana, she has beautiful dark coffee coloured skin, speaks English eloquently and can work a computer better than I can -- and I'm a 'white' Australian.

    I don't expect Barbara to look, sound, or behave in a certain way.

    *I think it is interesting that your Yahoo! username features the word "Nigerian". Why is it so important that strangers know you are from Lagos? I am Australian but I do not put my nationality in my username.

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    I think the perceptions that Americans have of Africans is based on the information they have available to them. So far as what they know is pretty much whatever they see on television and in the movies. And unfortunately, that concept is that Africans are tribal and primitiive.

    Granted it is unfair to presume to judge with such limited information, but the second you mention Africans, it conjures up visions of tribes of backward people who all look the same.

    So, no wonder most people have a predetermined idea of how you should look.

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    every person that declares all Africans, Europeans, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Amerindians look alike a god rattling fool basic and straightforward. once you assert Africans what do you propose; there are 5 racial communities at present day in Africa, Semites (Arab, Jew, and different communities from the close to East) , Berber (they arent white), what you call Black, Indian, Polynesian Berbers interior the Northwest Arabs interior the North Arab/Indian mixture in East (Oman it fairly is a Arab us of a use to regulate jap Africa and western India until now the Sultanate chop up up centuries in the past) They left Arab and Indian DNA in Africa, Africa and Indian DNA in Arabia, African and Arab DNA in Indian to place it easy. Arab/Jew mixture interior the Horn of Africa (Somalia, Ethiopia, Etrirea, Djibouti) they're suited for the time of from Arabia. you will possibly desire to waft on a chunk of wood for the time of. Polynesians unfold out on the East ( Madagascar became fullyyt Polynesian at one factor as no person knew it became there you could not see it from the mainland) finally mainland Africans discovered Madagascar and went there. Black (Black isn't a race that could be a coloration of peoples epidermis ) Black can talk with Africans, or people who stay in Papua New Guinea or the natives of Australia (The Australian Aborigines). Aborigines and the people of Papua New Guinea have been from the 1st group of people who left Africa and dont in large condition into this besides. contained whilst it comes to Africa extraordinarily that's the main different inhabitants as whilst people left Africa purely a small inhabitants left by using Sinai, the majority purely walked around the continent. In Africa you have many many communities of people; people in Northeast Africa look diverse than those in Northwest Africa, East Africa, West Africa, Southwestern Africa, Southeastern Africa and Southern Africa. Having lived in Africa ( Morocco, Mauritania, Ethiopia, Namibia, Madagascar, and Tanzania, ) i will rattling specific tell the version and every person else with eyes might desire to. the main variety in Africa is interior the Sahel it fairly is between the Sahara and the Savannas every person asserting any race group of people look the comparable is a moron or is attempting to elude to 3 variety of racial or bigot assertion. that is not substantial the place you go an Island interior the Pacific or Greenland aspects with the least variety no person seems the comparable.

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    Personally I think its ignorance and you mainly hear caucasians say such a stupid thing. Or it could be that people do not actually take the time to look. Blacks look different as much as whites look different.. I think sometimes people cant see past the stereotype crap..

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    i dont think all africans look the same,i think theyre their own individual.

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