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I want to learn how to hit a two-handed forehand?

Does anyone know a coach or tennis accademy that could teach me this. I use two hands with my backhand, and it is my best shot. Its more powerful than my forehand, and stays in when I get nervous because two hands gives me more control. I love my two-handed back hand because it is consistent, powerful. I can do open stance, closed stance, and swing vollies. I'm an ok tennis player. I want someone in Georgia, mainly Augusta, to teach me how to have a powerful, reliable, and consistent two-handed forehand. I don't care about the reduced reach. I'll just work on my footwork and speed. And if you are a coach, I will work hard and do anything to achieve this goal. Ask for Nick at MACH Academy in Augusta if you want to talk to me or my coach directly.


There is a such thing as two-handed forehand. Look at Fabrise Santoro and Monica Seles.

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    it's not a forehand if you hit it two handed, you have a double backhand. just use your other arm & swing it over.

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    a shouldn't hit a ball with a two hand restricts your arm from following through. instead, to gain power for hitting the ball, try using your whole body instead of just your arms. bend your legs and make sure that your movements are smooth.

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    well if u hit ur forehands flat u wont have a problem with timing, but if ur gonna put topspin on the ball its gonna be off, plus if u play a higher level of tennis then the balls gonna be coming at u a lot faster and ull deffinatly have trouble switching. plus the grips are completly different angles. if ur really serious about tennis i wouldnt suggest that u use two forehands. anyways if u move ur feet well u shouldnt really have a problem getting to the ball so u wont need to reach for it.

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    I know there is such thing as a two-handed backhand but I would only suggest to learn it if you have really fast hands.

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    there is no such ting as a 2 handed fore hand.

    so you can't learn how to..........

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