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Is it legal to be carrying around a sword in public?

Yes, is it? Does it come down to your local/state laws?

In general, is it legal to be carrying a sword or a katana or two while let's say, walking the dog or something?

Just something I've been curious about for a while now. It'd be cool (for a while) carrying around a sword on your back or something. Not to mention the less likelier chances of people screwing with you.


Ahh, I forgot to mention people who know not how to use a real sword properly shouldn't try this either way. :"D

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    Depends. I'm in California, so I only know the laws here. So long as you are not concealing it, you can legally carry one in public. I would not suggest it, however. I will admit that I have done it in the past, and will probably do it in the future, but it is only to gain an awareness.

    Something else to consider...

    I am a martial artist and I own a martial arts weapons company. This gives me a little bit more of a reson to carry a sword around, as opposed to the kid who lives down the street who thinks he is straight out of Samurai X.

    Finally, if you decide to take a sword out in public, once your hand touches the hilt (no matter if it is sheathed or unsheathed) you are brandishing a deadly weapon. You may be asked to lay down the weapon, and if you don' may not end in your favor.

    These are all things to consider for anyone who is taking any kind of martial arts weapon into public. Hope this helps.

    (p.s. - If you want to cary around a weapon, even for self defense, it's illegal. If you want to make a non-violent statement or are on your way to train with a martial arts tool, chances are you will make it to your destination fine...although it does depend on how you present yourself and what kind of mood the authorities are in.)

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    It's actually not very legal to even to carry a regular knife around. Carrying any type of blade would have the police to pull up (not too close and with the windows up) since usually someone carrying sharp objects around like that aren't mentally stable.

    And the chances of someone "screwing" with you would actually raise depending in where you live.

    In a suburban area, scared parents and jail time. Urban ghetto, you shot and jail time.

    But I recommend cutting back the Japanese cartoons some. Just kidding. Haha.

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    Depends on your state, but generally any knife with a blade longer then 3-5" isn't acceptable. Now, while walking the dog, or walking through the neighborhood one may carry a stick, or some other device to fend off dogs and the such. But, a sword would be taking it a little far.

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    As it is said before it depends on the state, some states allow open carry laws meaning if the weapon gun and/or knife are in a sheath or holster and are in plain sight then it is allowed to carry unless you are at a school, government building, hospital or any other building that does not allow weapons. However, once you take that weapon out of the holster/sheath and threaten someone with it or someone becomes threatened then it becomes a felony for Menacing with a Deadly Weapon. check you state laws on concealed and unconcealed weapons would be your best bet

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    Most states/localities will have a law which prohibits the carry of knives over a certain blade length. A sword certainly would exceed that length.

    Sorry, Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

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    It does depends on local laws, but as long as you don't try to enter a public building with it it should be okay. Check the laws in your area by checking with your local police department (use the direct phone number, not 911).

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    A sword is soley perceived as a weapon, much like a knife. If it is cased with a latch preventing it from falling out of its scabbord it is legal so long as it is attached to your body (ie. belt).

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    It depends on the area you live in but in Atlanta GA it is considered a deadly weapon and you can be arrested and have it confiscated, plus a fine.

  • in cali as long as its not consealable upon a person and displayed in open you can carry any SINGLE EDGE

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    i think its by state but a town could outlaw it if the state only says it must be sheathed or visable.

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