What should i do?

I really really love this girl...and i asked her once and she sorta rejected but i cant move on the moment i think of someone else she comes to my mind...and i want to talk to her more but have no chance she never comes online and i dont see her in school...any advice?

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    omigosh! how romantic! Ok so.. if you like a girl you should Try to be friends with her first.. Because if your friends with someone first, you know about them more, and you both like eachother. Its the strongest relashionship you can ever have if your friends first.

    And then after getting to know her and being friends, you should like hit on her. Then whenever you get the guts to...

    YOU SHOULD ASK HER OUT! lolz and then shell probably say yes.

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  • Don't you worry, Zobi. Life goes on. I was once rejected by two people at very close times and it was very hard. I spent about two years trying to get a specific person to like me, and they did, but to them I was like a little toy that you play with for a little while. She may be in your mind for a while, but one day, a girl will come along, a better girl that appreciates you. Then you will wake up one morning and go an entire day without thinking of the girl that rejected you. It is a magical, wonderful feeling! A day will turn into a week and a week into a month and before you know it, she will just be some girl you used to like. It may seem like this terrible feeling will last for always, but trust this survivor, it certainly does not. And I am correct when I say there WILL be more girls. Just give them some time and you will get one. It always happens eventually even if the doubts seem high, it just does. So good luck with your future girlfriend, whoever she is!

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    Get involved with hobbies, especially some sort of activity that is exerting, but just stay busy doing other things and don't even think about any girls for awhile.

    I'm not sure how you can say you love her when you have never even dated. Love takes time, it is very rare for true love to happen on the first, second, thrid date, etc. Its a growing process.

    Also, since she has rejected you, on top of you guys never having dated, you really need to move on. Just get involved with life for awhile rather than girls, build some internal happiness that is all your own and not dependant upon another person.

    Good luck and have fun having fun!

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    My friend, you need to face it. She is avoiding you. Abort mission, and start looking at the other 3,000,000,000.00 females that roam the earth! Time to put this one behind us. But allow yourself enough time to mourn: you may lose about 30 seconds of sleep on her. Good night, and happy hunting in 2007!

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    Try finding someone else who knows her and get her number then call her and let her know how you feel. Sometimes you just have to let a girl know how you feel before they accept that you really like them.

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    GIve it 3 tries... ITs just like sales, sometimes the buyer (girl) will give you 3 objections. Anymore and you look like an ***. Try to pass her in the hall at school or something like that

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    Mingle with more people and you will be sure to find someone who is your soul mate. It's hard when you have that special someone in mind and they don't reciprocate but hey that's life and you are young and will meet many more people in your life.

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    Try and move on, if it's meant to be she will reappear in your life. Love is a powerful word - I think its more infatuation

  • Write or call her if you can get the number and address..If not put someone else up to talking to her for you....

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    First what did u ask her? second make a way to talk to her. Just go over to her house or something and talk to her. Say "I need to talk to you" believe me she'll listen. unless if shes not normal.

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