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Do you agree with John Edwards program to give college tuition to students who pledge service to America?

It is the best educational idea I have heard.

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    hell yes! If you can get money to go to college through the military (to answerer #1, somebody has to pay for that too) you should be able to get it through peaceful programs. War should never be the last recourse for somebody wishing to get an education and a job, especially in the US now, where a college education means so much in getting a good job. Should we deny people the chance to get a good job because they are poor? Whatever happened to the idea that you can become rich even if you start out poor? Are we getting rid of that because "Somebody has to pay for it"? Do you realize taxes in the USA are the lowest in the civilized world? Spare me. There's more at stake here then your short term grumbling.

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    I'm a dem and I might have to scratch Edwards off my list now. He is talking about financing universal health care with deficit spending. That would be OK if King Bush hadn't ballooned out deficit into the stratosphere. Right now, I want a President who will 1. Fix the friggin mess Bush has made and 2. Get serious about fiscal policy and paying down this deficit. I like Edwards a lot, but the Dems better come up with a moderate who will tackle some serious problems this nation is having. Universal healthcare is an honorable goal worthy of serious debate. I just hope we will tackle that along with realistic goals about how it would be financed.

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    Sounds like a form of the GI Bill offered to GI's who returned from WWII. Hundreds of thousands of young men and women took advantage of this benefit and gained higher educations that they would have otherwise not have been able to afford. I think it was a great program. And, it would be a great program today. I don't know if anything like it exists today. I'm all for education and better career opportunities. Makes for a stronger America in two ways, more attraction to military service, and economic growth. I see it as an investment in the future!

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    Oh, John needs a game plan to get recognition! This will get peoples attention because everyone's looking for a free ride, but economically it won't fly. John really doesn't care if it flys or not, he just needs to get people's to take notice, and this is how the tax and spender's do it.

    John already has my interest, he's the first white guy to come out and challenge the bi tch! I think Obama's a good man, but he has an uphill battle as a black man running for president, so Edwards is a refreshing addition for the libs who are smart enough to position a candidate who stands a fighting chance, because that candidate ain't hillary!

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    Its like an advance on the GI bill , yes its a good idea, as education will pave the way for the future, and ought to be free upto a BA, or BS. Service to ones country is to me an obligation one should complete.

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    depends on if he plans to define the type of service before the contract is signed, or not.

    its one thing to pledge service to work hours and hours helping my fellow Americans keep up good health, but it is an entirely different idea altogether to later find out i have to go be a human shield between America, and another country the CIA pissed off.

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    Yes. The Peace Corps and AmeriCorps were great programs. I think they involved some tuition relief. Helping others is the only way to learn to help ourselves. War should not always be the first line of communication.

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    Making out of state scholars pay extra for college instructions (generally double or extra) makes college inaccessible to human beings, noticeably scholars from outdoors the U. S. who're no longer citizens of any state and consequently the pay the extra suitable fee in any respect public colleges. because of the fact international scholars additionally can no longer get in reality any styles of government economic help or economic help from public colleges, their ideas could be extremely constrained. on the different hand, there's a good reason the gadget works like this: human beings in a state pay taxes in that state, and it is those taxes which fund the state's public colleges. on an identical time as removing the instructions hike for out of state scholars could be honest and good for training, you're able to desire to interchange the money the colleges are not getting with some thing--what are you going to do to maintain them funded?

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    Many states are already doing that. One, if you serve, you already get the GI Bill. But, in Texas, and other states, my tuition and fees were waived because of my veteran status. I paid only for books and living expenses. Some didn't think it was fair, but I just told them to serve, and they would have been in the same boat as me.

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