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how do U let your friend know that you like her when she's always talking about some other guy she likes?

She's taller than I am. She's got a good sence of humer. She's not fat. She's got brown hair with blondish white highlights. she's funny. she really likes some other guy.

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    Just be there for her. You gotta let her know that no matter what, you're not going anywhere. You'll know when the time is right. kiss her and see how she reacts. and just a little kiss; don't try to make out with first good luck man

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    1 decade ago, ouch. Well she WILL get over the guy trust me. continue to get closer to her as a friend!! ( no worries about the height you'll prolly catch up soon)

    sorta sounds like me>_<

    I wouldnt tell her, that would make hanging out with her very very awkward...

    Just be her friend and when you see shes over this guy start dropping small hints or flirting!!

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    Let her know that you like. Just tell her. When she is talking about the other guy, tell her how lucky he is that someone as great as her would have an interest in him. Then tell her that you wished she would feel that way about you.

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    just come out and say it. if you dont then u will end up wishing you did tell her. it is better to know that you did and she rejected u than to spend the rest of your life wishing you did ask her.

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    i no mate, she's mentioned you a couple of times but hey ho snooze you lose! this time the pommie wins! happy new year bud......

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